Lack of female business leaders women’s fault according to men

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More than half (60%) of Australian businessmen believe women have the same career opportunities as they do, but are failing to make the most of the opportunities available, according to a new survey.
The Australian Pulse of Women in Leadership found Australian males believe fewer women are making the move into leadership roles because they have difficulty juggling work/life commitments, lack qualifications and are less ambitious.
Unsurprisingly women disagreed that they were on a level playing field in the workplace with only 35% agreeing they have the same career opportunities as their male counterparts.
The survey of more than 1,000 professionals – which examined Australian workers attitudes as to what makes an effective leader and the role of women in the workplace – did show some consensus between the sexes. Both agreed that Australian businesses would benefit if there were more women in leadership positions.
“Organisations are finally coming to understand the bottom-line value of feminine traits – as defined by research – such as openness, empathy, collaboration, flexibility and patience to improve engagement and productivity in our workplaces,” Michelle McQuaid, co-author of the study and workplace wellbeing expert, said.
“KPMG economists estimate approaches like these that help employees to feel more motivated, supported and appreciated could be worth up to $305 billion annual in productivity gains for our economy.”
The results also show men and women agreed that employment quotas were the least preferred approach to create more female leadership opportunities.
Megan Dalla-Camina, business and diversity strategist and co-author of the survey said it was time to evolve from trying to “fix the women or stamping out gender bias in men”.
“Instead Australian businesses need to embrace the emerging concept of gender intelligence, which means understanding the unique qualities both men and women bring to the leadership table and collectively harnessing these for the greater good.”

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