5 key attributes of great risk managers

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Are you a hard working innovative thinker with good finance skills who can adapt your skills to adjust to changing conditions? These are just a handful of the qualities that employers claim makes a good risk manager.

Other skills that you’ll need in your arsenal to be considered one of the best include a strong business acumen, strategic and analytical thinking, strong communication skills and the ability to engage senior stakeholders in your business.

It’s also worth developing a general curiosity and broad understanding of the world – and an interest in business affairs and human behavior – to be able to understand where risk might come from and learn from how others have dealt with it.

But don’t let working on these elements of your risk management acumen prevent you from sticking to your values. You must be honest but respectful, supportive yet courageous, accountable but authoritative, and informed but detailed oriented.

These are some of the findings to have come out of a fascinating Linkedin debate on the subject of what makes a good risk manager, which was discovered by americanbanker.com.

Other elements that will make your resume stand out from the rest, claimed one participant, include a track record of implementing Risk Management in an organisation from conception – i.e. board sign-off on a risk management policy – through to developing standards and procedures that always include responsibility, and onwards to project planning its implementation and then tracking its progress and following up on actions.

However, if you don’t have the right attitude then all the qualifications and experience in the world will never see you achieve greatness as a risk manager, claimed one commentator.

“The modern saying I heard from one hiring manager goes like this: ‘We hire for attitude, we train for skills’. In this days and age, this might be truer than true,” he claimed.

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What do you think makes a good, or great, risk manager? Offer your thoughts on the subject by commenting below.

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  • Jenny on 16/08/2012 12:00:24 PM

    Hi, The links do not seem to be working to the two parts of What makes a great risk manager. This is a shame because I was looking forward to reading them.

    From Corporate Risk & Insurance: Thank you for your comment Jenny, and sorry about the problem with the links. They should be working now.

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