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  • 0 - CMO COMPLIANCE - Audit & Inspection Software
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      The leading Compliance Management Solution to manage risk, audits and inspections in the Food, Retail, Facilities, Financial and Aviation Industries with offices and support teams based globally (UK, USA, Middle East, Australia, South Africa)
  • 1 - High Profile Solutions Pty Ltd
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      Blue chip international companies such as SIEMENS and TENIX currently utilise this award winning STRATEGIC TOOL: 'fiCS' Operational Compliance Management software system. THE BOARD CAN IDENTIFY THE TOP 10 RISKS at any one time so appropriate management resources can be deployed for the best strategic outcome. TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP approach to risk that positively ADDS TO YOUR 'BOTTOM LINE' and significantly reduces risk profile in the following areas: GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENTS, Corporate requirements, QUALITY and ASSET MANAGEMENT, Safety Health and Environment, CUSTOMER and COMMUNITY REQUIRMENTS, Security, etc. Integrates with your current ERP systems. Bring together all your current 'painful to keep up-to-date' and 'invisible' standalone speadsheets and individual databases, into one transparent central easy to use system. MULTI: LANGUAGE, legislation, time and unit of measure capability. 8 real-time ways of communication. 24 modules to choose from including: RISK REGISTER, Project View, AUTO-SCHEDULED REPORTING, Hand-held pda and DASHBOARD GRAPHIC VIEW. Use our cost diagnostic to assist you to BUILD A BUSINESS CASE to justify the expenditure. Pay monthly or annually.
  • 2CRisk
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      2CRisk is a cloud based software solution whose objective is to reduce the people risk exposure all organisations face throughout the employment lifecycle. Using an intuitive web based user interface, 2CRisk enables the user to manage the health risk for an employee or contractor through the following processes: 1) Pre-Employment Screening, 2) Health and Wellbeing Management, 3) Injury and Claims Management and 4) Exit MedicalThe unique health risk assessment IP in 2CRisk is used at key stages in these processes to take complex and sometimes contradictory health and environmental information and present it to the user in simple graphical risk profiles. Areas of high and medium risk are easily identified and preventive action taken to reduce risk.
  • Achiever Plus
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      Compliance management software for Governance, Risk and Compliance management, quality management and information security.
  • Active Risk
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      Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group)* (AIM:ARI) addresses enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements with advanced software and services that can be implemented across organizations in all industry sectors. Active Risk Manager (ARM) is recognized as having the most extensive range of ERM software capabilities available today. ARM enables the identification, communication, analysis and mitigation of risks and opportunities available in both quantitative and qualitative formats. It covers project and portfolio risk, supply chain risk management, business continuity, controls management, reputational risk, health and safety, incident management, governance, compliance risks and more.
  • Acumen Alliance - A member of the Oakton Group
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      Our expertise and experience as a provider of a wide range of independent, objective governance and internal audit consulting services can help you add value and improve your organisation's operations. With many Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Information Systems Auditors, MICDs and Chartered Accountants on staff, we can augment your Internal Audit operations, provide peer reviews, conduct complex risk management assignments, and advise boards. We offer the following services: Audits * Compliance Audit * Performance Audit * IT Audit * Probity Audit * Risk Management * Business Continuity Management * Disaster Recovery Planning * Integrity and Ethics IT Security & Testing * IT Security * IT Testing * SNARE
  • Acxiom
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      At Acxiom we make information intelligent. As the global leader in customer information management, we transform data into actionable business insight ¯ and we do it better than anyone else. Acxiom’s enterprise information solutions help the world’s largest and most successful companies increase revenue, reduce cost, improve profit, and manage and lower risk. Our industry-centric lines of business include: Data, Data Services, Customer Data Integration and Customer Information Solutions.
  • Aris Global
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      Provides agSignals software(formely SafetyMart) - a sophisticated data mining and signal detection tool that facilitates in-depth clinical safety data analysis and proactive benefit risk management for pharmaceutical companies. With agSignals' user-friendly interface and drag and drop functionality, you can get simple breakdowns and complex demographic combinations instantaneously - count of cases, positive and negative dechallenge information, concomitant diseases and ages - can all be obtained quickly and easily within a few drags and clicks on field data. Multiple tables or graphs can be generated allowing you to easily cut and paste into standard word processing/spreadsheet applicationsalternatively this datacan be imported into other analysis applications.
  • Asia Pacific Risk Management
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      Specialising in Risk Management and compliance software RiskInterActive ComplianceInterActive
  • Asia Risk
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  • Association of Certified Fraud
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      The ACFE is the world's premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with more than 40,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud world-wide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.
  • Assured Asset Testing Pty Ltd
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      AAT is a steadily growing company, who specialise entirely in OH&S Appliance Testing and Tagging throughout Australia and New Zealand We have over 20 years experience in the electrical field and have an uncompromising standard of providing and ensuring an electrically safe workplace. AAT utilises the latest up-to-date computer technology to carry out the specific task of Testing and Tagging. -The Seaward Supernova XE which has the guarantee of not damaging sensitive and sophisticated electronic equipment. AAT has the commitment to provide a full and thorough service with the focus on customer satisfaction. We have confidence you will ask us to return, and provide you with ongoing compliance for the future. AAT offers so much more that a 'fast, in and out' tagging solution (which could land you in hot water if the cover is found to be insufficient). AAT have over 20 qualified technicians Australia wide For an obligation free quote, call our friendly office staff now on 1300 760 541
  • Audit & Fraud Software Pty Ltd
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      Audit & Fraud Software provides data analysis technology, professional support and training to help organisations access, analyse and share data. As the sole Australian distributor of CaseWare IDEA - Data Analysis Software, we help our customers maximize the powerful functionality and rich features IDEA offers by providing technical support and training sessions. IDEA is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to help accountants and auditors extend their auditing and analytical capabilities, detect fraud and meet documentation standards. It allows you to quickly import, join, analyse, sample and extract data from almost any source, including reports printed to a file. We offer on-line product demonstrations and sample CDs, which enable you to test drive a fully functional version of IDEA on data files with up to 1,000 records.
  • BCM in a Box
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      BCMIAB develops and implements BCM software solutions that allow an organisation to deploy business continuity activities consistently and cost effectively. The software solution contains an embedded BCM methodology (compliant with regulatory standards and best practices) that allows novice users to develop professional-level Business Continuity Plans quickly and easily. BCMIAB develops and delivers BCM seminars that are accredited by the Institute of Risk Management based in London. BCMIABs value proposition is to - Reduce BCM costs - Increase BCM planning quality - Provide positive Return on Investment - Improve operational and response capability - Improve executive governance - Demonstrate regulatory compliance Business Continuity. Problem Solved!
  • Bishop Phillips Consulting
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      Compliance & Risk Software Description : An international risk & compliance management specialist since 1995. Based in Australia and Canada we are the Developer of BPC RiskManager, BPC SurveyManager, BPC IncidentManager, and other technologies and industry risk databases for large and small businesses. With a strong presence in the University sector and large blue chip clients such as Australia Post and Benfield, and the Victorian Government we are one of the longest established risk software houses in the world. Our software is backed by our international consulting team. We have been consistent inovators incorporating incident and survey-compliance technologies in our earliest versions. Our systems managed risk for the Telstra Y2K and Olympics projects.
  • Bizmanualz, Inc
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      Thousands of Bizmanualz customer experiences are built into Bizmanualz from the ground up. Since 1995, Bizmanualz has deployed the most complete set of policies and procedures templates available. Compliance features like routing and tracking changes, version control, periodic review, and automatic retention are built in using the latest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) internet technology to lower your cost.
  • Blackrock IT Solutions Pty Ltd
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      Blackrock specialise in Corporate Compliance and Enterprise Controls Management software and consultancy. We are the Asia-Pacific partners of Approva Corporation. Our BizRights software suite allows organisations to achieve continous compliance across SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft ERP environments.
  • BRM Risk Management
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      Our services consist of: Self Insurer Audits including: -Occupational Health and Safety -Claims Management -Injury Management -Occupational Rehabilitation -Financial and Prudential components Claims Auditing Services including: -Claims Management -Injury Management -Occupational Rehabilitation OHS Auditing Services including: -SafetyMAP Audits -AS 4801 Audits -TriSafe Audits -Gap Analyses -Internal Audit outsorcing and co-sourcing -Structuring Internal Audit committees in conjunction with best practice policy
  • Business Operations and Compliance Systems Pty Ltd
    Phone 02 9283 1010
      *Funds management AFSL licence applications and amendments. *Establishing local and off-shore funds and business structure. *Corporate structure and development and implementation of operational and compliance systems, processes and procedures including BOCSfm-a web based procedure and reporting solution. * Development and implementation of Risk Management Program in accordance with Australian AS NZS 4360-2004 and Compliance Framework in accordance with AS 3806-2006. * Custodian and fund administrator due diligence. * Product Disclosure Statement/Information Memorandum/Prospectus drafting and due diligence. * Compliance and Operational Process reviews. * Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Program implementation and reviews. * Training on compliance programs, risk management, complaints handling, anti-money laundering.
  • Buttress
    Phone +61 417050910
      What differentiates Buttress is that it supports you to understand your risks, evaluate your exposures, and take action to (a) mitigate your vulnerability before an incident - and (b) manage the consequences after an incident.
  • CA Pacific Pty Ltd
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      CA helps organisations better understand, measure, manage, and reduce operational and business risk. This helps to protect enterprise assets, ensure service continuity, achieve regulatory compliance, and reach operational goals. We do it by integrating management of our solutions - and your IT environment - across Enterprise Systems, Storage, Security and Business Service Optimisation functions.
  • CCH TeamMate
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      CCH TeamMate is the powerful, award winning audit management system that has revolutionized the audit process. TeamMate® is used by more than 62,000 auditors from more than 1,700 organizations and is the industry standard in Audit Management Systems. Audit Departments of all sizes are using TeamMate to increase the efficiency and productivity of the entire audit process, including: risk assessment, scheduling, planning, execution, review, report generation, trend analysis, committee reporting and storage. The key components of TeamMate are: * TeamRisk - Risk assessment software * TeamMate EWP - Audit documentation system * Libraries and TeamStores - Knowledge base and templates * TeamMate TEC - Time and expense capture * TeamCentral - Project and issues tracking database * TeamSchedule - Resource and project scheduling
  • Centennial Software
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      With more than four million licences sold to blue-chip organisations around the world, Centennial Software is a leading developer of IT asset discovery and security management solutions. Available through a global network of resellers and market-leading OEM vendors, Centennial Software’s solutions are designed to help organisations better manage their IT infrastructure, maintain compliance and reduce operational risks. Get 100% visibility of the network with Centennial Discovery, by dynamically finding, tracking and recording all hardware and software changes, locally and remotely. DeviceWall minimises the threat of internal IT security breaches by preventing the unauthorised removal of data from the network using the range of portable storage devices avavilable on the market today and tomorrow. DeviceWall is an effective guard against data loss, identity theft and malware propagation, and now provides a file access and auditing feature.
  • CertTracker
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      CertTracker, Australia's insurance and compliance certificate tracking specialists. CertTracker is a system to assist you to obtain, check and store the compliance information of your contractors, suppliers and other companies you rely on. CertTracker isn't just a software Solution - Our trained consultants will check the certificates before sending them to you so you don't waste your time checking non-complying certificates. CertTracker isn't just a consulting solution - The level of Automation in our system reduces the time we spend following up the certificates meaning we can keep track of your certificates for less than the labour cost of using your staff.
  • Citicus
    Fax +44 20 7203 8405
      Our award-winning Citicus ONE risk management software is a web-based tool for managing information risk, supplier risk and other key aspects of operational risk enterprise-wide. The software enables risk practitioners to measure, manage and report the risks posed by critical business applications, IT infrastructure, sites and suppliers in a consistent and objective way. Deploying Citicus ONE gives business owners on the ground insights into the risk status of their areas of responsibility, and practical guidance on driving risk down. It also provides top management with an overview of the risk and compliance status of their critical operational assets and processes. Citicus ONE is currently in use in public and private-sector organisations of all sizes, who appreciate its scalability, value, business-orientation and efficiency. It has been used to measure and manage the risk posed by thousands of information systems and other targets in over 150 countries of the world.
  • CMO Handheld Compliance Auditing Software Solutions
    Phone (03) 9531 4326
      Easy Audit is a compliance management system enabling organisations to identify and eliminate risks before losses occur. CMO Easy Audit allows any type of audit, inspection, performance assessment, survey or checklist to be performed electronically on a mobile device, internet site or standalone PC/Laptop. The system is based on a secure web or desktop application, with mobile/wireless PDA access. Easy Audit automates the audit process, from inspection to action tracking, giving critical knowledge and control. Whether for OH&S, QA or data collection, Easy Audit simplifies compliance, reduces risk, saves time and money. Field personnel typically visit a site carrying a clipboard, previous data and further support information such as manuals to perform an audit. This is inefficient, error-prone and outdated. Easy Audit supports any existing forms and templates an organisation may have, and also contains default templates including: • Health and Safety Audits • Plant and Certification Audits • Quality Assurance Inspections • Property/Plant Hazard and • Maintenance audits • Security audits • Environmental audits • Franchise Audits • Site inspections
  • ComOps
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      Salvus from ComOps (previously known as SHE from AWS) is a comprehensive Safety, Risk and Claims Management solution that enables you to proactively protect and drive your organisation by efficiently managing safety processes, mitigating risk, reducing costs, complying with legislation and harnessing opportunities. Designed around applicable safety, risk, quality and compliance standards, Salvus is an easy to use, completely scalable modular product that can be easily configured for your organisation and processes. ComOps is a leading Australasian provider of business solutions for enterprise, sales and workforce management.
  • ComplianceBridge
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      ComplianceBridge is a cost-effective policy and procedure management software solution that enables organizations of any size to improve efficiency and compliance through automated publication, distribution, and tracking of policies, procedures and other business-critical documents. Easy to use: Securely access, manage and publish documents from a web browser Accountability: Make your organization and its members more accountable Operational efficiencies: Stop the email/paper chase and become more productive Improved compliance: Reduce risk of litigation, fines and other financial exposure IT friendly: Fast to set up, no software or hardware to purchase or install Organizations in Healthcare, Technology, Government and other industries use ComplianceBridge for their business-critical processes, including regulatory compliance, human resources and training, safety and emergency preparedness, claims processing, IT policies, Finance and Accounting, and Legal.
  • CompliSpace
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      CompliSpace is a web-based corporate governance tool that provides organisations with tailored policies, programs and procedures in the areas of corporate governance, compliance and risk management. CompliSpace content is developed to best practice and is maintained and updated, in real time, as the law changes by the CompliSpace team of legal and industry experts. In addition to providing a full suite of relevant content, CompliSpace includes a range of tools to assist and enable an organisation to create its own culture of compliance. CompliSpace provides a simple, effective structure to communicate, train, control and report on risk management and compliance issues and to bring good governance to life within an organisation. This tool is simple, scalable, reliable and smart.
  • CorProfit Systems Pty Ltd
    Phone 1300 557 475
    Fax 02 9440 7408
      CorProfit Systems specialises in providing enterprise risk management solutions. The CorProfit team offers strategic consultancy, methodology and technology to the world's leading companies in both the private and public sectors. The CorProfit technology, KNOWRISK, is practical, user friendly, cost effective, and customizable by users – to their own requirements. Corporate governance standards such as AS/NZS- 4360, AS 3806, AS 8001, COSO, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II are all accommodated. Our Software has been implemented successfully globally and integrates with existing risk management databases and corporate technologies. CorProfit has pioneered a complete implementation framework called the Roadmap, which supports the full evolution of risk management within an organisation. KnowRisk supports single user operation through to the largest enterprise solution. We specialize in Operational Risk Profiling, OH&S, Environmental Management, Business Continuity Management and Corporate Governance Security through to Compliance and Regulatory Policy. CorProfit Systems is based in Sydney with a successful track record spanning ten years specific to Risk Management. The extensive list of organisations using KnowRisk extends across industries including the public sector, Government, energy, financial services, charity, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.
  • Cura Risk Management Software
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      Cura is one of the world's leading governance, risk management, compliance and performance management software solutions. Currently distributed in 5 continents, Cura provides an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful platform for all risk management activities, catering for the full risk management life cycle of identification, assessment, management, reporting, analysis and ongoing monitoring and assurance. Cura can provide compliance to almost any corporate governance standard such as AS/NZS: 4360 (2004), AS 3806, AS 8001, COSO, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II and a variety of ISO standards as well as acts and regulations. As a true enterprise application, Cura can be scaled to support any number of users. The ability to create and support almost any risk or compliance framework or methodology, coupled with a powerful reporting capability and a web enabled front-end ensures that you will maximise your returns from an investment in Cura in a short amount of time. With customers such as BHP Billiton, the Promina Group, Rio Tinto, KPMG, Newcrest Mining and Woodside Energy, Cura has become the choice solution for Australia's top organisations in the private and public sector.
  • Decillion Solutions Australia
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      Specialists in AML solutions for finance companies. Decillion has partnered with Fircosoft for Watch List Filtering of payments and customer databases aginst OFAC and other lists, and Lombardy Risk/STB for tranaction monitoring, analysis and reporting. We provide full sales, implementation and ongoing local support for these products.
  • Distributed Technology Systems Pty Ltd
    Phone 0419 623 158
    Fax 07 3324 0350
      Our Enterpise Risk Management Software, QSE IMS, can provide the necessary management facilities for compliance with established international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 4801, ISO 14001, and Australian and New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standard 4801:2001 including Bowtie Analysis. Please feel free to contact us at for more detailed literature, to discuss your needs and to arrange for a demonstration.
  • Divas Offshore Software Technologies
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      Divas Software’s EWCRM(Enterprise Wide Compliance And Risk Management Framework)compliance product team has architected, designed, developed, implemented and supported a ready to roll out KYC & AML application. The application incorporates end-user centric combined functionalities of filtering, profiling, rules and link analysis. The application could either be integrated to your core solutions for online transaction monitoring or sit beside your existing applications and in an offline mode for batch processing of financial transactional data.
  • ecomply
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      ecomply is a comprehensive online legal compliance training program that has been developed by national law firm Norton Rose. ecomply is not an 'off the shelf' product. Norton Rose works with the client to customise the training material to address the client's risk areas and to ensure that the program delivers the client's training, delivery and technical requirements. There is a wide range of legal training courses covering areas such as the Trade Practices Act, Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Services Reform, Employment and OHS. The legal training modules have been produced by experienced Norton Rose lawyers who are specialists in the relevant area. The legal training modules contain succinct plain English explanations of the law, practical guidelines and examples. The legal training modules are supplemented by comprehensive testing, reporting and record keeping functions. Norton Rose works closely with the client throughout the development and implementation process and continues to assist, train and support the client on an on-going basis. ecomply has been implemented by more than 20 Australian organisations over the last 3 years. Client feedback has been very positive: 'It [ecomply] was a quality solution and one which I was very comfortable with.... I was confident that we could come up with a system which not only met our compliance obligations but was tailored towards what we needed specifically for our business in a couple of particular areas. And also it was a cost effective solution.
  • eFront
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      FrontRisk presents FrontBCP: Full-web Business Continuity Planning software solution. Fully integrated with the Operational Risk Map, covering all BCP aspects: emergency, restoration, fallback plans…
  • Eurekify
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      Eurekify Enterprise Role & Compliance Manager (ER&CM) provides the fastest route to success in Identity and Access GRC, and is the first choice of solution providers in Identity, Compliance, and Role Management projects. It is the only software suite in the market today that is designed to provide a comprehensive, cohesive, and effective solution to difficult privileges modeling and ongoing policy management challenges. Eurekify provides easy to implement tools for Segregation of Duty modeling and enforcement; entitlement review and certification; and management monitoring and dashboards. Eurekify provides a framework and a basic set of rules for monitoring SoD conditions and access to sensitive transactions in ERP and other systems.
  • Extratextual
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  • Favored Solutions
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      HighPoint from Favored Solutions offers web based GRC software solutions (Governance Risk and Compliance) for enterprise risk management, internal audit, internal control and enterprise risk assessment. We have professional trainers for ERM softwares, Audit softwares and Control Structure softwares.
  • Gadfly Limited
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      Risk management and corporate assurance controlled sefl-assessment software
  • GeoEye Analytics
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      GeoEye Analytics provides advanced surveillance, detection and predictive modeling of all forms of fraud in financial transactions including credit card fraud, money laundering, insurance claim fraud and check fraud.
  • GRC Solutions
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      GRC Solutions is a leading provider of risk and compliance systems.  Salt™  Compliance is an innovative online legal compliance, risk & ethics training and reporting system developed by GRC Solutions. Through a series of easy-access training courses, salt™ Compliance ensures that members of your organisation understand their legal compliance obligations GRC Solutions is also the provider of PolicyHub, a comprehensive policy lifecycle management system that allows organisations to manage, monitor, and report on policies across the whole organisation.
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      Guardian ERM will bring your risk management framework to life. Guardian ERM combines all the key pillars of sound corporate governance in one, fully integrated system to drive ERM and audit sustainability and efficiency. Guardian ERM is designed, developed and delivered by the Australian based risk management firm, InConsult. It is packed with features and functionality to suite small, medium and large enterprises, government and non-profit organisations. Guardian ERM can: - Support a wide range of business requirements including ERM, compliance, internal audit and incident management - Manage all risks and opportunities - Enable work groups to work together to meet their risk, and compliance obligations (Risk owners, internal audit, compliance, Audit Committee) - Promote the use of best practice RM methodologies (AS/NZS:4360, ISO31000, COSO) - Support local and global regulatory requirements (AML, APRA, PHIAC, FSRA, SOX, BASEL II) - Improve the effectiveness of risk, audit and compliance programs - Reduce the compliance cost and risk - Allow organisations to reinvest savings into high priority risk and compliance initiatives. Guardian ERM is used by local and global organisations to consolidate various risk, audit and compliance programs. Contact us to see how Guardian ERM can support your organisation.
  • Hyper rig ltd.
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      Hyper Rig is a highly recommended commodities trading software solution that can handle various commodities with ease at the same time. It supports various commodities including natural gas and power, coal, crude oil and products, metals (precious and non precious) as well as emissions. It is the best software for commodity traders and is highly customizable.
  • i.on my business by ThoughtWare
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    Fax 07 5580 1598
      Software Development firm - Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions. Also accreditation for child care and aged care. Governance includes corporate social responsibility and environment footprint analyzer.
  • IBM
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      BM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM enables companies to maximise value and manage risks by effectively mapping business strategy to IT investments strategy. IBM offers a wide range of security solutions and technologies that enable customers, large and small, to align IT resources and investments to customer and market demand and support growth." IBM offers a wide breadth of comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions that to help make your infrastructure more secure and allow you to stay ahead of the threat. IBM has smart, experienced people who have helped organisations of all sizes, across all industries assess and solve for their individual security needs. IBM Tivoli automates identity management so you can control access to your infrastructure, and it allows you to monitor and quickly
  • iComply
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  • Imagine Software
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      Imagine Software is a leading provider of risk management solutions for the global financial industry. Imagine's Trading System, offering real-time portfolio and risk management solutions, has been selected by fund managers, prime brokers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, and risk managers around the world.
  • Inmatrix
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      Inmatrix offers a dynamic, interlocking suite of credit risk management solutions for banks seeking to increase their commercial loan businesses and enhance the profitability of their portfolios. From credit assessment & monitoring of individual borrowers or portfolios to stress testing of business plans, key financial drivers & credit scenarios, Inmatrix has the tools your bank needs to achieve superior business results.
  • Integrum Management Systems Pty Ltd
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      integrum Risk & Compliance Management Systems software, is used by medium to large organisations to manage all aspects of Risk & Compliance, as well as Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment management. integrum is used in a wide range of industries in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Middle East, with over 30,000 users and is rapidly becoming the global benchmark in integrated management systems software. integrum is a mature fifth generation product for Integrated Management Systems. All functionality is contained in the one application, not in modules, providing ease of use and time and cost effective implementation. integrum contains robust closed loop corrective action processes, incident management, risk assessment and control processes, controlled document management & archive control, audit management, employee training management, supplier and contractor management etc. integrum has specific functionality, all user definable for Risk Assessment, Initial Incident Reporting, Potential Loss Categorization and Observation Cards, all integrated with its closed loop CAR system and automated email notification and escalation processes. integrum provides both ad hoc search functionality and automated KPI reporting. User definable templates allow organizations to easily tailor the system to their requirements with no need for software hard-coding or costly implementation consulting. integrum conforms to ISO 14000, 9000, 18000, AS 4801, AS 4360, COSO and other international standards, is fully web enabled and available in language packs. integrum is ideally suited to mobile and off shore operations for a disconnected workforce. While integrum is provided as an in-house system, operating on our clients’ networks, we also offer a fully externally hosted system with the highest level of security. For more specific information including pricing and to arrange a web demonstration at your earliest convenience, contact us today.
  • Interactive Group
  • InterSys Solutions Limited
    Phone +44(0)7887883038
      InterSys Risk Estimation Software - SCAIR (Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risk). SCAIR's intuitive flowchart driven interface allows both Risk and Supply Chain Professionals to map critical supply points and estimate exposures. InterSys Risk will help you to: - develop and implement a value adding Enterprise Risk Management culture. - map your business critical activities and deliver an appropriate continuity plan. - model and manage your supply chain risks. - develop and deliver risk based auditing in non financial compliance areas. - speed up and simplify the above activities through bespoke software. InterSys takes pride in the absolute satisfaction of our clients and believes in the importance of improving your business functionality
  • IQPC
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  • John Temple Group
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      Rapid Induct is a hosted software solution from John Temple Group that allows you to create, edit and manage your own online staff inductions. A questionnaire upon completion ensures proof of knowledge and a certificate and license is generated at the end of the induction session. Rapid Induct can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection so you can induct anywhere and at any time. Visit our webpage to begin using a free trial version today!
  • Kalypto Risk Technologies
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  • La Meer Associates
    Phone 001-408-739-2562
      La Meer Associates offers two products for enterprise wide risk management - GRACE-Bank for Integrated Goverance, Risk and Compliance for Banking, Insurance and other financial institutions. We offer GRACE-IM for Hedgefunds, Asset Management companies that is based on the recently announced Managed Fund Association(MFA), President's Working Group (PWG) and Alternate Investment Management Association(AIMA) guidelines for enterprisewide risk and oversight management. It brings together all the different risk categories including oprisk, compliance, legal, reputation, credit, liquidity, financial and business strategy risks at one place for the enterprise.
  • Law of the Jungle
    Phone (+ 612) 9209 4500
      Law of the Jungle was established in September 1999 with a clear aim: to help companies do better business by providing the tools and knowledge they need to minimise legal risk, meet compliance obligations and protect the corporate franchise. Based at Australian Technology Park, Sydney, Australia, Law of the Jungle solutions embed legal know-how and compliance protection into day-to-day business operations, with an enviable record of achievement in the design, development and successful delivery of business solutions to some of the largest corporate enterprises in Australasia and the world.
  • Learning Seat Pty Ltd
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      Learning Seat, a division of News Limited, provides individually branded, web based organisational Learning Centres that inspire, grow and empower employees with access to one of Australia.s largest collections of online courses, training tools and e-learning resources. We specialise in providing compliance, professional development and accredited training, as well as developing fully customised online induction courses addressing organisation specific topics for corporations, government groups, industry associations and commercial training providers.
  • Lennox Hill Ltd
    Phone +44 5601567990
      isoTracker, from Lennox Hill Ltd, is an easy-to-use, affordable, online document control software and quality management system that helps administer Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Compliance systems. As a hosted subscription-based application it delivers always-on availability and secure storage, without the hardware, software or maintenance costs normally associated with an in-house installation.
  • Lion Global HR
    Phone 61 3 9748 8488
      We are global suppliers of Workplace Training Visuals on Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Internet & Email Liability Prevention.
  • MailRevive
    Phone 03 9827 7701
    Fax 03 9827 7705
      The prolific use of email for corporate communications creates a major risk for businesses. For regulatory compliance, corporate governance and mitigation of this risk email transmissions need to be valued like an other document. They need to be secure, preserved and able to be quickly recovered instantly when the commercial or legal need arises. MailRevive is a managed application service that will ensure the protection, preservation and continuous operation of email communication for your business. MailRevive can be deployed in less than hour and provide email 'peace of mind' forever.
  • Mango Limited
    Phone 0425 230445
    Fax 0425 230445
      Web based, fully integrated suite of modules to automate compliance & business management
  • Mango Ltd
    Phone +64 3 961 1321
      Mango is an online compliance management system that gives you and your organisation easy access to your risks, accidents & incidents, documents, and hazards anytime you need it, from anywhere in the world.
  • Mavim Australia Pty Ltd
    Phone 02-92215653
    Fax 02-94754155
      Using the Mavim ssystem results in clear, consistent communication of organisational processes, resources, and the links between processes and resources. Everyone knows who is doing what, when, how, where, with what, and why. This, in turn, generates increased business and operational efficiencies, and greater productivity and commitment among employees.
  • MEGA International
    Phone +33142754000
      Compliance & Risk Software Description : MEGA International is a global leader in enterprise architecture, offering solutions to improve company performance and insure regulatory compliance. The company provides executives with the ability to understand, discover, align, and control information at the enterprise level through its prominent modeling software, proven methods, and expert consulting in business process analysis, operational risk management, and IT alignment. Founded in 1991, with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, MEGA International has more than 45,000 software licenses worldwide and delivers more than 20,000 consulting engagement days per year. Clients include AT&T, Cox Enterprises, DirecTV, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, GeoEye, Morgan Stanley, NASA, National City Bank, NEXTEL, Nissan, Wyeth, and the US Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and Transportation.
  • Methodology Consulting
    Phone 0411 112 224
      A consortuim of Project Managers and Business Analysts drawn Business and Industry the team at Methodology Consulting has an enviable track record in Solution Selection and Implementation.
  • Methodware
    Phone 02 9657 1015
    Fax 02 9657 1021
      Methodware has been developing and distributing risk management, compliance and internal audit software solutions internationally since 1993. Methodware has offices in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and also has a network of partners selling and supporting its products in over 80 countries worldwide. Methodware’s adaptable, powerful and user-friendly software solutions make assessment simple for organisations of all sizes and types; from small companies with a single risk manager, to large multi-national organisations with a group risk management function and international teams of auditors. The long list of organisations using Methodware’s software spans all sizes and industry types, including the public sector, financial services, engineering and manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.
  • MetricStream, Inc.
    Phone 91-80-40496363
    Fax 91-080-40496399
      MetricStream Risk Management Software solution provides provides an integrated and flexible framework for documenting and assessing risks, defining controls, managing assessments and audits, identifying issues and implementing recommendations and remediation plans.
  • Mitigator Pty Ltd
    Phone 02 9279 0520
    Fax 02 9279 0350
      Mitigator is a software tool to help you manage your business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and pandemic response planning.
    Phone [02] 9212 0300
    Fax [02] 9212 0884
      Montrose provides consultants, training courses and audit servicers in Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery Planning and Risk Management in Australia, New Zealand, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Brunei.
    Phone 02 8399 3464
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    URL is an online solution for companies and persons who utilise the services of subcontractors as part of their operating function. has been designed and developed by a team of Facility and IT Managers who through years of experience working in the property industry have learnt first hand that saving time without cutting corners is not always possible until now. offers a range of solutions to make the task of managing subcontractors and their compliance allot easier. also offers subcontractors a range of important benefits as well. The importance of effectively managing professional, qualified and insured Contractors has become a priority for many industries including the construction, property and facilities industries. The legal implications of employing non compliant subcontractors are onerous as is the monitoring by compliance groups such as Workcover and the various Offices Of Fair Trading. Don't waste time and resources managing compliance any more. Let do it for you.
  • netOLS
    Phone 02 9869 5852
    Fax 02 8323 4248
      netOLS is a leading provider of web-based solutions, specialising in risk management and compliance systems. The netOLS suite of products offers broad functionality allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your needs. The netOLS suite consists of: Enterprise Risk Manager Insurance Portal E-Services Toolkit Compliance Manager 3rdgen CMS Facilities Manager These easy-to-use products provide a flexible and robust platform for the development and management of applications that rely on a combination of content and transactional capabilities. netOLS products are suitable for any industry and we offer clients particular expertise and knowledge in the areas of financial services, education, hospitality and aged care. Since July 2000, netOLS solutions have been deployed in more than 800 projects around the country, including government departments, a top-five bank, the top three insurance intermediary associations in Australia, over 300 financial services providers and more than 100 schools Australia wide. For further information about our products and services or to request an online demonstration please contact us on 02 9869 5852.
  • Norton Rose
    Phone 02-9330-8000
    Fax 02-9330-8111
      ecomply is a comprehensive online legal compliance training program that has been developed by national law firm Deacons. ecomply is not an 'off the shelf' product. Deacons works with the client to customise the training material to address the client's risk areas and to ensure that the program delivers the client's training, delivery and technical requirements. There is a wide range of legal training courses covering areas such as the Trade Practices Act, Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Services Reform, Employment and OHS. The legal training modules have been produced by experienced Deacons lawyers who are specialists in the relevant area. The legal training modules contain succinct plain English explanations of the law, practical guidelines and examples. The legal training modules are supplemented by comprehensive testing, reporting and record keeping functions. Deacons works closely with the client throughout the development and implementation process and continues to assist, train and support the client on an on-going basis. ecomply has been implemented by more than 20 Australian organisations over the last 3 years. Client feedback has been very positive: 'It [ecomply] was a quality solution and one which I was very comfortable with.... I was confident that we could come up with a system which not only met our compliance obligations but was tailored towards what we needed specifically for our business in a couple of particular areas. And also it was a cost effective solution.'
  • Nova Solutions
    Phone (02) 9004 1400
    Fax (02) 9004 1401
      Nova Solutions is an online management solution, corporate governance, compliance, risk management, CMS, legal infrastructure, training and testing, CMS, intranetThe Essential Governance, Compliance & Risk Management Tool for small to medium businesses and ASX listed companies. Nova Solutions™ gives you peace of mind quickly, easily and cost effectively. Nova Solutions™ is a turn-key online software solution for communicating and managing: Human Resources Workplace Safety Corporate Governance Risk Management Compliance (Internal Control) Complaints Handling Staff Training & Testing Our team of industry experts and technical writers takes the pain out of drafting and maintaining core business policies and procedures whilst our talented technology partners ensure that you have complete control over your internal publication processes and workflow procedures. Nova Solutions™ is designed to provide solutions for all types of businesses, both small and large, irrespective of the industry. You simply select the suite of modules that are right for your industry and stage of growth.
  • Nuix Pty Ltd
    Phone 02 9280 0699
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      fbi software from nuix: providing precise, powerful and forensically sound analysis & investigation of large volumes of electronic communications and data. Australian-owned with strong in-person local support.
  • Onetest
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      Helping organisations recruit, develop and retain talented people is our business...and our passion. Whether it is our recruitment management system, psychometric assessments, survey tools or personalised consulting...Onetest is committed to delivering sophisticated solutions that produce outstanding results. This is the very reason we have grown into a well known provider of end-to-end HR solutions and essentially become the answer to HR for organisations such as Fone Zone, Star Track Express, BMW, BDO Kendalls and Linfox Armaguard.
  • Optial
    Phone 0207 247 7673
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      Optial ( has the largest installed blue-chip geographic footprint of any Operational Risk software platform: it is deployed across 50 countries by a client base including companies such as Bank of England, Rothschild,Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB), Atos Worldline and Standard Chartered Bank. It is supported from centres in London, Atlanta and Sydney. The Optial platform delivers rapid configuration, low-cost deployment and low maintenance with future-proofing. Built-in KRIs and Loss Database allow firms to align their system with Basel II requirements for Operational Risk Management, and Optial Business Intelligence delivers slice and dice management information. Optials Web Services interfaces and software developer kit enable simplified integration with other systems such as HR and CRM for two-way automated data exchange and single sign on.
  • Palisade Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
    Phone 61 (02) 9252 5922
    Fax 61 (02) 9252 2820
      Palisade is a leading manufacturer of risk and decision support software tools which are complemented by our training and consulting services. Palisade products are add-ins for Microsoft Excel and include the DecisionTools® Suite: @RISK, TopRank®, PrecisionTree®, and BestFit®. RISKOptimizer®, Evolver™, @RISK for Project®, NeuralTools® and StatTools®, bolster the product line.
  • Pentana Australia Pty Ltd
    Phone +61 3 9754 4500
    Fax +61 3 9445 9164
      Pentana's flexible Risk Management software facilitates compliance with legislative frameworks such as AS/NZS4360:2004. Web based modules allow direct update of risks, controls, questionnaires and full tracking of actions.
  • Periscope Consulting
    Phone 03 9882 1896
    Fax 03 9882 9323
      Persicope’s I.R.I.S software enables organisations to simplify, integrate and improve their complex business process and obligations. The web enabled system is used by both the Government and the Private Sector to manage risk (strategic and operational) , incidents, audit findings, legal and regulatory compliance obligations, contracts & supplier relationships , ASX Principle 7 requirements, FOI, environment, quality and OHS. I.R.I.S is flexible, scalable and accessible. Implementation is rapid - because the system is hosted and configured on-line in real time by Periscope's consultants to satisfy client specific requirements.
  • Pervidi Software
    Phone 03 88626333
      Inspection Management / Compliance Management Enabling your organization to manage ANY type of inspection, audit, or QA activity is the core of Pervidi. Since you can easily configure any template/form to meet your specific requirements and regulations, you can use Pervidi as a point-solution (which automates a specific requirements such as crane inspection for example), or expand the use of Pervidi to track multiple competencies and areas.
  • Plug&Score
    Phone (510) 931 7808
    Fax (510) 279 5649
      Plug&Score is a business division of Alyuda Research, one of the worlds leading developers of user-friendly innovative predictive analytics and data mining software based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • PolicyPoint Pty Ltd
    Phone 02 9455 0519
    Fax 02 8215 0685
      POLICYPOINT enables the ability to instruct 100% of your staff in any of your policies or procedures aimed at compliance, efficiency and success. It is a proven, Web-based tool, developed in conjunction with a major international services firm over four years in actual operating conditions. POLICYPOINT ensures your own critical information reaches every single registered user. Currently in use by government and private enterprise in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Protecht Advisory
    Phone 02 8005 1265
    Fax 02 9283 0430
      Protecht Advisory is a leading Australian risk advisory, training and software firm specialising in operational risk solutions for financial institutions and corporate. Its Web-based Operational Risk Management System (WORMS) encompasses self assessment, compliance, key risk indicators and incident recording. Action tracking exists across all modules whilst editable workflow rules enable monitoring and escalation of actions and incidents across all levels of the organisation. Contact us now for a demonstration of the complete operational risk software solution
  • Protectus Compliance Services
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      In the current Risk Management and Compliance climate, two issues resonate: A company¡¦s image, reputation and bottom line, can be seriously endangered through the actions of the parties with whom they contract and Companies can be seriously exposed if their own operations are not fully compliant with a wide range of Government Regulations and licensing requirements Protectus can assist companies to meet their compliance objectives by outsourcing the management of insurance and other compliance documents. Our system is web based, does not interfere with existing IT systems, provides an electronic central register of scanned certificates and other documents, provides a wide range of compliance reports. Collecting and tracking insurance and other documents from Third Parties has always been an important risk management measure but many organisations don¡¦t track compliance documents at all and those that do it once when they¡¦re initiating a contract, often let the certificates expire. (how many people track PI insurance after a contract has concluded?) Ongoing compliance monitoring is a critical part of managing a solid network of contractors and ensures that a strong, sustainable relationship is built for the benefit of all parties. Contractors and others who are inadequately insured, unlicensed or not compliant with various Statutory obligations constitute a serious risk in terms of financial loss, penalties and loss of image and reputation to the organisation which has engaged them: ƒß Facility and Asset Managers (and Managers generally), have significant numbers of maintenance contractors, consultants and other suppliers and often need to manage the insurance and compliance documentation of these parties as well as Lift and Escalator licenses, Fire protection inspections, Electrical Safety compliance inspections and a whole range of other statutory and contractual compliance issues across multiple sites. ƒß OHS managers need to monitor OHS Risk Management Plans, Safe Work Method Statements, Plant operators certificates, Dangerous Goods and EPA licenses, to name a few.
  • Quality Award Partners Pty. Ltd.
    Phone +61 3 9758 4595
    Fax +61 3 9758 9507
      Advent ManageR is a highly flexible and intuitive product, incorporating risk management, compliance management and incident management in an integrated application. With a licensing model that is designed to deploy AS4360 risk management and AS3806 compliance management to all functions and levels, it is an attractive solution for organisations seeking to apply effective control systems across their activities.
  • Quantate Ltd
    Phone 64 4 4991823
      Quantate is a world leading risk management software, providing solutions to corporates such as Telecom NZ, Tenon, and Port of Tauranga, and to government agencies such as Civil Aviation Authority, Internal Affairs and Transit NZ. Quantate is chosen by these and other organisations because of its ease of use, and its ability to be customised to different environments. The way the software is licenced also offers a very cost effective way to provide risk management across an enterprise. As an example Auckland Hospital have just bought Quantate. (January 07.) This will be rolled out to 30 of their managers.
  • Razor Risk Technologies
    Phone 02 9236 9400
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      Razor Risk Technologies is a publicly-listed Australian technology company with the reputation for delivering cutting edge technology solutions to the Financial Services and Insurance industries. Razor Risk Technologies offers a suite of products and service-based solutions required to develop complex application solutions for the financial services industry. Razor is a Risk Management application designed to meet the credit and market risk management needs of an Institutional Bank. Razor provides the limit management and exposure measurement functionality that enables comprehensive and accurate credit and market risk calculation in near real-time via Monte Carlo simulation. This enables organisations to: measure their risk accurately rather than using approximations, manage risk when it occurs rather than after the event, and proactively reduce risk using Razor's ‘what-if’ capability. Razor was awarded Risk Magazine’s 2004 Risk Management Software Product of the Year.
  • Redmap Networks
    Phone (02) 8904 9288
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      "Redmap Networks leads the world in software which captures, manages and protects email and other electronic documents. This is crucial for corporate compliance, governance and risk management and REdmap helps organizations easily meet new international legislative reporting standards. Redmap clients around the world are in diverse industries including accounting, finance, education, government, defence, recruitment, professional services and manufacturing. Major worldwide suppliers have integrated Redmap software into their key scanning and document management systems. Redmap’s international success has been acknowledged in awards including Australia’s 2004 ICT Exporter of the Year. Redmap has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the US, and distributors in Asia and Europe.
  • Reliance Risk
    Phone +61 2 9299 0909
    Fax +61 2 9262 3985
      Reliance Risk are risk management professionals with specialist experience across the sport, entertainment, venue, and event industries. Risk Sense, risk management software developed by Reliance Risk, is an online risk and benchmarking product developed specifically for these industries. Contact Wayne Middleton to request a demonstration.
    Phone 0731771026
      RetailSAS introduce eCheck, a powerful Retail Compliance Checklist software solution that enables field auditors to efficiently perform retail audits on site and in real time without the paper trail, dramatically improving retail compliance while reducing time and administration costs. This tool enables you to create custom retail compliance checklists and forms to suit the environment you operate in, allowing you to build a catalogue of store checklist templates that are easy to retrieve and complete on site by field auditors. eCheck delivers comprehensive streamlined solutions for creating and performing retail compliance assessments, automating data collection, analysis and progress tracking. Call us to arrange a full demonstration or a no obligation trial for your business 07 3177 1026
  • Risk Decisions Pty Ltd
    Phone 02 6262 8152
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      Founded in 1985 and privately owned by the management team, Risk Decisions has evolved from a company concentrating on the development and marketing of risk analysis tools into one that provides businesses and government organisations with a complete range of risk management solutions. This includes consultancy, training and our Predict!® suite of innovative software tools, all based on recognised best practice techniques and delivered by experienced risk management professionals.
  • Risk Shield
    Phone (612) 8437 7977
    Fax (612) 8569 1009
      Risk Shield is an advanced web-based Enterprise Risk Management system for organisations to manage their risks, emissions (carbon risks), threats and incidents as well as to develop comprehensive business continuity plans. With advanced features such as Quantitative Risk Analysis and Bow Tie Generation, Risk Shield is available as a licensed solution or On Demand (Software as a Service). Totally developed and supported in Australia, Risk Shield conforms to the Australian 4360 standard for ERM. Visit our website to start using Risk Shield FOR FREE today.
  • Risk Software Pty Ltd
    Phone 08 9444 6677
      Risk Software Pty Ltd develops and supplies the At Work Software range, which includes: - Quality At Work - Risk At Work - OHS At Work - HSE At Work - L&D At Work. The At Work Software range provides facilities to manage: - quality & compliance, - risk of all types, - health & safety, - environment, - plant, equipment, structures, - learning & development, - human resources, - documents, - assignments & reminders.
  • Risk Values Limited
    Phone +6 03 2142 7588
      Risk Values is a unique profiling tool to identify those who present an increased risk of financial crime against or using your organisation, applicable to customers, staff and counterparties. Risk Values Limited is part of The Anti Money Laundering Network
  • Risk Wizard
    Phone (03) 9602 4200
    Fax (03) 9602 2818
      We provide a range of products and services that support ERM Frameworks. Our locally based team of experts can help you with a solution that best serves your business.
  • Risk360 Solutions Pty Ltd
    Phone 61 2 8090 7961
    Fax 61 2 9518 5799
      RISK360 Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in the development and implementation of risk management software solutions and services delivered over the Internet. The company is led by a management team with over 20 years experience in producing and deploying successful technology solutions and services to the insurance industry. RISK360 was initially developed by Touchmark Solutions Pty Ltd to support the ePolicy insurance underwriting system and its unique concept of highly managed risks. The success of RISK360 in the demanding environment of the highly regulated insurance industry led to the formation of RISK360 Solutions Pty Ltd in 2005.
  • RiskAlyzor
    Phone +27824663157
    Fax +27866238148
      Riskalyzor is an affordable risk managament service provider for start-up and small/medium businesses to conduct and manage business plans and business/operational risks online.
  • - Be Risk Aware
    Phone +61 3 9811 9930
    Fax +61 3 9813 5068
      RiskWare is an Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) software application comprising of 10 tightly integrated modules including; Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Business Continuity, Incident Management, Health & Safety, Environmental Management, Security Management, Claims Management and Risk Analytics. Complying with key national and international standards including ISO 31000, AN/NZS 4360, AS/NZ 4801 and ISO 14001 RiskWare has your GRC responsibilities covered. RiskWare helps to break down the silos in your organisation be consolidating disparate, loosely integrated and often archaic existing risk based applications with one web-enabled solution. - Be Risk Aware
  • RiskWatch, Inc.
    Phone 410.224.4773
      RiskWatch, Inc. is the leading Security Risk Assessment & Compliance company, offering a wide range of compliance solutions. The software automatically creates web-based surveys with role-based questions, linked to standards and requirements such as ISO 27001, SOX, FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, NERC, FERC, and many more, including the latest Pandemic Flu requirements. RiskWatch software automatically populates disaster recovery and business continuity plans. It includes complete threat data with updated frequencies and a full cost catalogue detailing the cost of relevant controls. Used by the largest government agencies, including NSA, and DOD, it is also used by many of the Fortune 1000 including banks, tech companies, healthcare organizations, energy companies and many others. RiskWatch writes the reports for you including full audit trails and spreadsheets and including graphs that detail vulnerabilities, threat-vulnerability pairing and Annual Loss Expectancy, as well as compliance scores and offers free evaluation copies and online demos.
  • RiskWiz India
    Phone +91-9833430659
      RiskWiz India Pvt Ltd is a consulting & technology firm that focussed on Operational Risk & Compliance. RiskWiz is powered by a team of consultants possesing domain expertise in OpRisk and also in designing, developing and implementing OpRisk & Compliance Technology Solutions. RiskWiz leverages its proprietary baselines and Datamodel to reduce implementation time thereby reducing cost and effort. The baselines and datamodel implement best practices and can be tuned to the Clients requirements so that there is a seamless integration of practices and technology.
  • RMSS - Reduce Risk
    Phone +61 7 3252 1400
    Fax +61 7 0 3257 4047
      RMSS is a leading Enterprise Risk Intelligence solution provider, delivering integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management software. RMSS has extensive experience implementing the RMSS solution across a diverse range of business sectors and is utilised by many of Australia's largest corporations and government organisations. Using a unique patented process of Master Risk Categories (e.g. Health and Safety, Security, Projects, Environment, Liability, Public Image, Strategic and more) RMSS' solutions are tailored to integrate with existing business processes and risk management models. Visit or call +61 7 3252 1400 for more information on the organisation's Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions or to request a demonstration.
  • Rocsys Technologies
    Phone +91 40 40040801
    Fax +91 40 40040804
      ROCSYS is a leading edge Products and Services Company founded by entrepreneurs with track record of successfully creating and exiting ventures in Silicon Valley.
    Phone +61 3 9685 4600
    Fax +61 3 9685 4699
      SAFETRAC provides high quality innovative online compliance training, testing and reporting services. It is flexible and easy to customise and implement. Our solutions include legal and policy compliance, risk management, compliance audit services and knowledge testing. The system provides comprehensive business reporting tools including the ability to schedule tasks and automatically generate email reminders on the testing activities and results. There are currently over 65,000 employees, in more than 120 organisations, using SAFETRAC in Australia and Internationally. SAFETRAC Pty Limited is a subsidiary of MinterEllison Lawyers.
  • SAI Global
    Phone +61 2 8206 6060
      SAI Global provides Standards, Regulatory, GRC management, and other business improvement solutions to help you comply with the requirements that shape your business world. Our Training and Education, (both face-to-face and online) helps you understand, implement and manage business systems and process solutions in areas such as Information Security, Ethics, AML, Six Sigma, Quality, Environment, Trade Practices and Food
  • SAP
    Phone 02 9935 4500
    Fax 02 9925 7513
      SAP Solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Improved Business Viability, Business Performance, Competitive Advantage A multiplicity of government regulations, growing pressure from financial markets, and increasing demands from stakeholders has increased the significance of corporate-wide focus on governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). As a result, leading organizations no longer see GRC as discrete, project-based activities managed as separate functions. Rather, they are adopting a unified GRC strategy that guides people, standardizes processes, and integrates technology to embed GRC at every organizational level. SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC) promote business viability by unifying corporate strategy, control initiatives, opportunity discovery, and loss mitigation across the extended enterprise. Managing GRC across the extended enterprise allows processes and strategies to be evaluated within the company and extended to partners, suppliers, and customers – truly representing the reach of the enterprise. Solutions for Automating End-to-End GRC Processes Only SAP solutions for GRC automate end-to-end GRC processes, including corporate governance and oversight, risk management, and compliance management and reporting. SAP solutions for GRC include the following: Governance: SAP GRC Repository – Centrally manage all GRC content, based on internal corporate policies as well as best practices from the GRC ecosystem, to address GRC initiatives across the extended enterprise. Risk: SAP GRC Risk Management – Identify risk and conduct risk analysis, response, monitoring, and reporting within a best-practice framework. Balance business opportunities with financial, legal, and operational exposure to minimize the market penalties from high-impact events. Compliance: SAP GRC Access Control – Identify and prevent access and authorization risks in cross-enterprise IT systems to prevent fraud and reduce the cost of continuous compliance and control. SAP GRC Process Control – Optimize business operations and ensure compliance by centrally monitoring key controls for business processes and cross-enterprise IT systems. SAP GRC Global Trade Services – Manage all foreign trade processes with a comprehensive platform to ensure trade compliance, expedited cross-border transactions, and optimum utilization of trade agreements. SAP applications for environment, health, and safety compliance management – Align business processes with environmental, occupational, and product safety regulations, and with corporate policies to ensure proactive compliance. GRC composite applications by SAP and Cisco – Extend controls and proactively address risk event issues across the extended enterprise network. SAP solutions for GRC use a common technology foundation that automates and embeds end-to-end GRC business processes into operations across the extended enterprise, and across SAP and SAP partner solutions. To further support the GRC common technology, the SAP NetWeaver platform extends the general GRC framework across SAP processes. GRC Support for Industry Compliance Requirements SAP solutions for GRC enable compliance with regulations across industries, including: -Automotive -Banking -Chemicals -Consumer Products -High Tech -Life Sciences -Oil & Gas -Utilities
  • Satori Group
    Phone 02 9667 3866
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      Satori specialise in fraud detection, prevention and continuous controls monitoring. Our solution runs 7 x 24 as a managed service in your data centre and it provides closed loop monitoring. Satori are the Australian distributors of ACL and Symsure, implemented at thousands of companies globally and hundreds in Australia.
  • Shakti Corp Pty Ltd
    Phone +61 2 9651 3206
    Fax +61 2 9651 3406
      Shakti Corp offer a suite of Risk Assessment software...designsafe from Design Safety Engineering, USA and Bow-Tie Pro from Cadmus Solutions, UK. designsafe is a fast and easy to use software to help engineers and safety practitioners to Identify hazards, Assess risks for identified hazards and Reduce risks in a structured method using drop-down menus, inbuilt libraries and customizable risk-scoring systems. designsafe supports qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative risk assessment methods. To download a trial version of the package, please visit Bow-Tie Pro is an intuitive software which graphically assists companies complete their risk assessments using the bow-tie methodology. Originally called "Butterfly diagrams" in the 1970s, the technique was given a huge boost in the early to mid 90s when the Royal Dutch/Shell Group developed the technique as a result of the Piper Alpha disaster. The structured approach of the bow-tie methodology is particularly popular in risk analysis within safety cases where quantification is not possible or desirable. To learn more about the methodology and for a trial version of the software, please visit
  • SoftExpert
    Phone 03 9251 3327
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      SoftExpert is a leading global software development company that provides solutions for the integrated management of excellence and enterprise compliance. Operating in the global market for 14 years, the company is present in over 25 countries in every continent and has a portfolio with more than 1,700 clients. The SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) offers a set of multilingual modules that are natively integrated and fully web-based to automate the processes required to improve and optimize the different business areas at organisations. This boosts the quality of management, cuts operating costs and facilitates compliance with the main market norms and regulations. SE Suite also complements and optimises enterprise management systems, integrating them with the main ERPs on the market through connectors that are ready or developed based on the client's specific needs. SoftExpert Excellence Suite is distributed in Australia by Linx ADS Pty Ltd.
    Phone +65-6622 5541
    Fax +65-6622 5999
      About Sophis Founded in 1985, Sophis is a leading provider of cross-asset portfolio and risk management solutions for capital markets, investment managers, corporate and insurance companies. The company has a global presence with 12 offices around the world. Sophis serves over 5,000 users in 130 market-leading institutions, including investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and insurance companies with its three solutions, RISQUE, dedicated to the sell-side, and VALUE and iSophis dedicated to the buy-side. In July 2007, the Private Equity fund Advent International acquired a majority stake in Sophis. For further information visit About Sophis RISQUE RISQUE is a cross-asset trading and risk management solution that enables investment banks to implement true Straight Through Processing across all of their trading activity. The combination of broad instrument coverage, high performance, open and flexible architecture, and user friendliness makes RISQUE a unique global system used by more than a third of the world's top 25 banks. About Sophis VALUE VALUE is a cross-asset portfolio and risk management solution dedicated to the buy-side covering the whole STP process: investment management, risk management, middle/back office and accounting. It combines sell-side level financial and technological capabilities with the user-friendliness, connectivity and ease of implementation required by the buy-side. VALUE has been adopted by more than 80 institutions worldwide, from start-up hedge funds to global asset management companies. About iSophis iSophis is a powerful technology solution that provides integrated portfolio and risk management services through a simple ASP model. It is targeted at hedge fund managers who want to benefit from leading edge analytics for P&L, risk and performance management in a secure, powerful and simple hosted environment. iSophis is powered by Sophis VALUE. For further information visit
  • Starys Solutions Pty Limited
    Phone 02 9908 4909
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      User-friendly compliance software – effective implementation STARYS-Manager is a Risk-Management and Document-Control Software promoting compliance with OH&S, Environmental, Quality, Food-Safety or other Risks. STARYS-Manager Software: •Flexible: User-definable templates to suit your needs •Easy to use: Risk Assessment & Risk Controls •Effective reporting: Risk profile at your finger tips •Document Control: manage your documents with ease STARYS-Consulting: Implementation – Training – Support and Support Services.
  • Tantia
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      For risk managers today, statutory and regulatory obligations demand clear end-to-end control of risk management processes. But for risk professionals grappling with spreadsheets scattered across the organisation, inconsistencies and inaccuracies deny a coherent view of potential risks and leave senior management exposed. So check out the Ten Risk Manager software solution. Built around a centralised repository of risk-related information, it presents a consistent, shared view of data and automates the key elements of strategic and operational risk management. From Risk Registers to Loss Events and Control Self-Assessments, Ten Risk Manager has transformed customers ability to take back control of key risk activities and is widely adopted across private and public sector organisations.
  • Techs4biz Australia Pty Ltd
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      Pervidi Inspection Management addresses all aspects of your compliance and inspection activities: Automate your entire compliance inspection process , including reminders, alerts and escalation procedures Incorporate your checklists and templates Perform electronic inspections using PDAs to record your inspection results and questionnaires Focus on exceptions and ‘failures’ Utilize a corrective action mechanism
  • The Risk Analyzer
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      Riskalyzor is an online management tool to manage business plans and associated risks for small businesses and start-up businesses that allows for a graphical risk dashboard and a variety of reports.
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      Having trouble finding the right risk management or compliance software? Tickit On Demand is the solution for you. Tickit is built on the understanding that organisations today are looking for simple, intuitive risk and compliance solutions. Tickit On Demand is elegant software that focuses on: Essential features Ease of use And, importantly, a fair price Compliant with AS/NZS 4360, the risk management standard and AS/NZS 3806 the compliance standard, Tickit is delivered to you ‘On Demand’ over the internet. Give us a call today on (02) 9467 8822, we would be delighted to discuss your risk and compliance needs and how Tickit On Demand can help.
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      TRADEPAQ TRM LLC is a global provider of supply chain execution, trade and risk management software for the commodities industry. Its flagship product, TRADEPAQ:TRM, is enterprise software for commodity trading, distribution, and producing firms that want to better control their financial and physical supply chains. TRADEPAQ offers an innovative framework of solutions including contract management, compliance, exposure and risk analysis, logistics, warehouse and inventory management, document preparation, cash management, financial settlement, and trade chain collaboration. The company focuses on the needs of Traders, Producers, and Distributors of physical and financial commodities.
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      Turnkey Consulting is a niche consultancy company focused on the provision of high quality SAP Security, SAP GRC and SAP Portal solutions. At Turnkey Consulting we have developed a set of best practice methodologies for the implementation of these SAP solutions, KeyMethod™. Our network of IT professionals have a unique combination of technical knowledge, consulting skills and broad business understanding and are committed to following the KeyMethod™ methodologies to deliver consistently high quality end-to-end solutions in all these areas. Working together with implementation partners as well as directly with clients, Turnkey Consulting also offers SAP Security audit, review and remediation services. Turnkey Consulting has offices in Australia, the UK and the US.
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      The TUV Rheinland Group offer a range of compliance services in the field of Risk Management. These include, Business Continuity Management, Information Security Management, Supply Chain Security Management, IT Security Management and Risk Management among others.
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      Visual Risk is a leading provider of treasury, financial risk management and IAS39 compliance software and services. From a base in Sydney, we work with corporates, government bodies and non-bank financial institutions across Australia and internationally. Our software suite, Visual Risk™, enables risk managers to manage and report their interest rate, FX and commodity risk with greater clarity and efficiency than previously possible.
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      Wipros Risk Compliance and Assurance Practice (RCA) assist organizations to transform their risk and security processes by combining regulatory compliance with convergence of traditional security and risk management, hence providing an effective enterprise-wide security. Our vision is to help CXOs focus on integrated risk management to simplify decision making through quantifiable security key performance metrics. RCA practice offers services across risk consulting, compliance consulting, security governance consulting and security strategy and architecture.
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      Your-Call is an exciting, powerful and innovative service which provides companies/organisations with access to an external and independent alert line 24/7 365 days a year. The Australian Institute of Compliance/Ernst & Young Research titled Whistleblowing: An Australian Prospective found:- Implemented properly, whistleblowing programs provide a valuable tool. They encourage a culture of openness, provide an early warning of serious governance, risk and compliance related issues, while tangibly demonstrating managements commitment to do the right thing Your-Call is proudly an Australian first to use a truly Web based Solution (server to server application not email) in addition to if required the traditional telephone service to receive secure, external and independent disclosures about dishonesty, fraud, unsafe environments, unethical and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace or in respect of business relationships and transactions. We have featured on Inside Business and have also been the subject of an editorial comment in numerous publications. Our clients include Bridgestone Australia, Rio Tinto Technology Pty Ltd, MercedesBenz/DaimlerChrysler, NEC Australia, Guild Insurance & Financial Services, La Trobe Home Loans Australia, Mazda Australia, The Good Guys and Goldcross Cycles. Your-Call can accept information from an employee, customer, supplier, manager, director or shareholder. It has the potential to be a powerful deterrence, compliance monitoring and risk mitigation tool for management. The web based solution can be upgraded to Web based Solution PLUS. The scalability of the service is one of its key strengths and the Your-Call Web based Solution PLUS includes the Web based Solution and provides a company or organisation with a number of options and ancillary services to choose from. How does Your-Call work? The web-based interfaced solution has been built by us and requires no special software to be used and is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection (home, internet caf, library, work etc). All supporting software and security is contained on our system. Users complete an online form which consists of a specially designed set of questions to illicit the maximum amount of information on which to later conduct a meaningful investigation. The information is submitted direct to our secure server by utilising a unique identifier code assigned to the company/organisation. Refer In reference to the telephone, an unique or generic 1800 or free call number is provided for employees. The telephone is answered by a trained protected disclosure officer skilled in eliciting appropriate information. All information is analysed and a Preliminary Review Analysis completed. Executive Management is notified by email and/or SMS of the submission of the information and our Review. It can be viewed by those with authorised access, securely at any time and any place where an internet connection is available at the Your-Call website Refer This conveys a strong message to the user of the service that management is serious about the program. After the information is reviewed, questions of management can be posted by Your-Call for the person who made the submission to answer. Refer The process facilitates easy retention and tracking of information ensuring no information is lost promoting integrity, transparency and accountability of the organisation. What the Web based Solution offers to an organisation (i) external and independent service (no connection to an organisations internal or external auditor) yet it complements and does not need to replace any existing internal employee reporting or dispute resolution mechanism (ii) dovetails existing ethics & planned whistleblower policies (iii) accountability and transparency (iv) a secure, confidential and anonymous communication with no face to face interview, no interrogation over the telephone and no fear of voice recognition (v) accessible anywhere where there is an internet connection 24/7 365 days (vi) prompt receipt of information by executive/senior management at the organisation (vii) information in raw not interpreted format i.e. the actual words of the user of the system (viii) relatively low cost to implement and administer (ix) provision of a greater level of audit/corporate governance (x) ability to comply with Standards Australias AS 8004-2004 Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities and AS 8004-2004 Fraud and Corruption Control (xi) satisfaction of Corporate Law and Economic Reform Program (Audit and Corporate Disclosure) Act 2004 (CLERP 9) and Australian Stock Exchange(ASX) Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations (xii) protection in the event of litigation by mitigation of risk in behavioural, safety and financial incidents (xiii) increased protection of brand and reputation (xiv) preposition the organisation to comply with proposed legislative and regulatory change and those imposed to companies by the Sarbanes Oxley Act in the USA and the Public Disclosure Act/Combined Code in the UK (xv) provides a ready made reporting mechanism to the public sector to enable them to comply with relevant State & Territory legislation (xvi) the ability to upgrade the Web based Solution at any time to the Web based Solution PLUS to include a telephone service or any of the other available options Why Your-Call? We are not a technology company but use a technological solution. Our Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director is Glenn Birrell who had over twenty-one years policing experience in the Victoria Police Force before leaving in 2001. The last eleven years of his policing career were performed in investigation, managerial and supervisory roles. He has had extensive experience in all facets of investigation specialising in large and complex fraud matters. He was awarded a National Medal and Victoria Police 15 & 20 year medals for ethical conduct. In the last five and a half years, he has undertaken numerous significant corporate investigations, provided pro-active anti fraud strategies to organisations and conducted training & ethical programs for diverse organisations. His focus is to assist organisations in the challenge to tap into or unlock the information bank i.e. the eyes and ears of people which exist in and around every organisation. The highly trained team have a blend of experience including investigations, training, legal, accounting, operational management, counselling and psychology to professionally operate the service. Our expertise and ability to resolve information in both the corporate and government environment is a significant point of difference to other companies offering whistleblower services. Does Your-Call work? The encouragement to build the service was buoyed initially by results overseas where similar systems have seen the reduction of internal shrinkage by up to 50%. Significant inroads were being made in fraud reduction and workplace issues. Refer to the American Certified Fraud Examiners Associations 2006 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse We are now seeing successes here. Already we have had cases where information received in relation to sexual harassment and bullying have led to us assisting organisations to take proactive action and introduce presentations and workshops on these topics before the situation has progressed to the stage where the parties concerned take legal action or where the first you know of it the employee has gone onto sick leave. In an internal theft case, the speed and immediacy by which Your-Call operates enabled us to not only detect the parties responsible but recover the goods (stock) before it was on sold. A strong by product of Your-Call is the prevention & deterrence of illegal conduct and inappropriate behaviour. It in effect becomes a self regulating behavioural mechanism ticking away in the background, always present allowing the secure submission of information confidentially and anonymously at any time. Your-Call provides a vastly different solution for organisations than has been previously offered in the marketplace. Our service revolves very much around providing options for the organisation, to its employees, and tailoring a package that best suits the organisation and its culture. To obtain an appreciation of how Your-Call may work in your organisation please do not hesitate to contact our office on tel 03 9500 2226 or Glenn Birrell direct on mob 0401 995 837
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      Zeta Services Inc. developed the ZETA® Risk Control System to permit investors and credit professionals to efficiently and objectively review the credit risk of their industrial company holdings.