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  • Accident Compensation Corporation
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    Fax (04) 918 7701
  • Allens Arthur Robinson
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    Fax + 61 2 9230 5333
  • Australian Business Limited
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    Fax 1300 655 277
  • Beardmore's QMS
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    Fax 03 9558 5203
      Heavy Vehicle Accreditation auditor specialist in Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue modules of NHVAS.
  • Bracher Rawlins LLP
    Phone 0207 404 9400
      Bracher Rawlins LLP is an established City law firm with a total commitment to its clients. The firm's teams of lawyers offer the complete range of commercial services: corporate, employment, litigation and property to a wide variety of dynamic private and publicly owned businesses. We have the strength and flexibility to deal with large scale work and small assignments.
  • Butlers Business & Law
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    Fax (02) 4929 6537
  • Capital Monitor
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      Capital Monitor is a parliamentary monitoring Service. Capital Monitor is based within the Federal Press Gallery in Parliament House in Canberra and we are perfectly positioned to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date with changes in government policy as it happens.
  • CCH Australia Pty Ltd
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    Fax 1 300 306 224
  • CertTracker
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    Fax +61 2 9799 1996
      CertTracker, Australia's insurance and compliance certificate tracking specialists. CertTracker is a system to assist you to obtain, check and store the compliance information of your contractors, suppliers and other companies you rely on. CertTracker isn't just a software Solution - Our trained consultants will check the certificates before sending them to you so you don't waste your time checking non-complying certificates. CertTracker isn't just a consulting solution - The level of Automation in our system reduces the time we spend following up the certificates meaning we can keep track of your certificates for less than the labour cost of using your staff.
  • CGU
    Phone (02) 6248 6088
  • Clayton Utz
    Phone (02) 9353 4000
    Fax (02) 8220 6700
      Clayton Utz is a national law firm with a National Compliance Division that takes a practical, non-legalistic approach to compliance with the law. Clayton Utz works with their clients to develop a compliance approach tailored to their specific requirements and business life-cycle. This can include: · start up compliance advice and assistance; · implementation assistance of AS 3806 programs and to meet the new AS 3806-2006 standard upgrades; · mathematical measurement of effectiveness of compliance programs - Complir8© compliance measurement tool; · training packages and workshops; and · low cost "once over lightly" reviews/reports with recommendations for improvement. For further information please visit:
  • CMS - Chilli Marketing Solutions
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    Fax (02) 9543 0455
      CMS - chilli marketing solutions, is a specialised conference, summits and training company with over 15 years collective experience in the national and international conference and events industry. Our company has grown to be one of the leading providers of business information and education due to our DRIVE for excellence from sourcing expert speakers to providing excellent conference topics and content. We aim not just to produce leading conferences and summits for various industries but to constantly seek progressive and innovative ways to deliver these. Our testimonials are proof of our accomplishments and we take pride in knowing that we excel in what we do
  • Draftdocs
    Phone 03 8320 2911
    Fax 03 8320 2900
      Draftdocs provides you with the first draft of a document. It is innovative and simple to use. All you have to do is search the index, find the document that you require and tell us what your specific requirements are. We will then customise that document for you.
  • eDiscovery Tools
    Phone 1800 101 854
      Do you have the tools you need to access evidence hidden away in e-mail mailboxes, file servers, hard drives and backup tapes? Successfully used by a Global 100 legal, government legal and service bureau client base, eDiscovery Tools premium e-discovery software products process, analyse and manage electronically stored information (ESI) to help you discover all the evidence you need.
  • Gifford & Co.
    Phone 02 9223 5266
      Gifford & Co. is a pecialist consulting firm working at the intersection of information security, law and risk management. Principal Nick Gifford is the author of "Information Security - Managing the Legal Risks", the first book published in Australia on this rapidly emerging new area of risk. A broad range of advisory, policy drafting and related consulting services available.
  • GRC Solutions
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      Salt™  Compliance is an innovative online legal compliance, risk & ethics training and reporting system developed by GRC Solutions. Through a series of easy-access training courses, salt™ Compliance ensures that members of your organisation understand their legal compliance obligations. Our extensive course library covers the Asia Pacific region, with courses such as Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Risk Management. , Workplace Behaviour, OH&S, AML and many more. At the recent Training Australia Magazine LearnX Awards, salt TM Compliance won an award in the Best Compliance Training Program category for the last four consecutive years.
  • Holley Nethercote Commercial Lawyers
    Phone 03 9870 9855
    Fax 03 9870 3640
      Holley Nethercote is an Australian commercial legal firm practicing in financial services law, corporate law, insurance law, contract law, intellectual property, insolvency law and more. Holley Nethercote also provides focused legal compliance services to Australian Financial Services Licensees.
  • IQPC
    Phone +61 (2) 9223 1000
    Fax +61 (0)2 9223 2622
  • Jacobson Consulting Pty Ltd
    Phone 07 3878 5098
    Fax 07 3102 0355
      Independent general counsel on regulatory and compliance issues for businesses who need access to sound corporate advice without having to pay a full-time lawyer's salary or law firm time-based rates. We specialise in policy development and complex projects. Visit our weblog at
  • Journal IT
    Phone 1300 799 941
      Journal IT provide a unique Email Journaling Service that securely stores every email, sent and received, in an off-site data centre to meet compliance and legal discovery needs.
  • Law Council of Australia
    Phone (02) 6246 3788
    Fax (02) 6248 0639
  • Law Evans & Co
    Phone (02) 9420 2999
    Fax (02) 9420 2700
  • Learning Seat Pty Ltd
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    Fax 03 8676 6901
      Learning Seat, a division of News Limited, provides individually branded, web based organisational Learning Centres that inspire, grow and empower employees with access to one of Australia.s largest collections of online courses, training tools and e-learning resources. We specialise in providing compliance, professional development and accredited training, as well as developing fully customised online induction courses addressing organisation specific topics for corporations, government groups, industry associations and commercial training providers.
  • Legal Tender
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      Find the right lawyer, at the right price. Legal Tender is a lawyer/client matching service which helps you find the right lawyer. Simply tell us about your legal problem (at and we’ll find a range of suitable lawyers to bid for your work. You then choose the lawyer best suited to your needs. Best of all, it's free. We can find lawyers to help with all kinds of legal problems: aged care lawyers, business lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, conveyancing lawyers, property lawyers, construction lawyers, contract lawyers, debt recovery lawyers, defamation lawyers, education lawyers, employment lawyers, family lawyers, divorce lawyers, insurance lawyers, immigration lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, media and internet lawyers, motor vehicle accident lawyers, negligence lawyers, personal injury lawyers, taxation lawyers and wills/estate lawyers. Client benefits: - A completely free service: No hidden fees, no hidden charges. Legal Tender is completely free for clients to use. - We connect you with the right kinds of lawyers: Let us do the hard work and match your case up with lawyers who have the skills you need, and who work from the area you want. - Find the right lawyer for your budget: We understand that cost is an important factor when choosing a lawyer. That’s why, with Legal Tender, you’ll receive a range of quotations from lawyers that can help with your legal problem. - Find the lawyer with the right skills: We give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. Along with costs, review the experience, skills, history and size of the law firms that have bid for your work. - Get the best deal and save money: Getting legal advice can be surprisingly expensive. At Legal Tender, lawyers compete against each other to win your work. The outcome is that you get a better deal. - No experience necessary: Our step-by-step questionnaires will help you to describe your legal problem with ease. If you get stuck, contact us at or on (03) 9010 5775 and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Minter Ellison
  • Mustor Institute
    Phone +61 0(2) 9344 3816
    Fax +61 0(2) 9344 4614
  • Norton Rose
    Phone 02-9330-8000
    Fax 02-9330-8111
      ecomply is a comprehensive online legal compliance training program that has been developed by national law firm Deacons. ecomply is not an 'off the shelf' product. Deacons works with the client to customise the training material to address the client's risk areas and to ensure that the program delivers the client's training, delivery and technical requirements. There is a wide range of legal training courses covering areas such as the Trade Practices Act, Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Services Reform, Employment and OHS. The legal training modules have been produced by experienced Deacons lawyers who are specialists in the relevant area. The legal training modules contain succinct plain English explanations of the law, practical guidelines and examples. The legal training modules are supplemented by comprehensive testing, reporting and record keeping functions. Deacons works closely with the client throughout the development and implementation process and continues to assist, train and support the client on an on-going basis. ecomply has been implemented by more than 20 Australian organisations over the last 3 years. Client feedback has been very positive: 'It [ecomply] was a quality solution and one which I was very comfortable with.... I was confident that we could come up with a system which not only met our compliance obligations but was tailored towards what we needed specifically for our business in a couple of particular areas. And also it was a cost effective solution.'
  • Nova Legal & Advisory Pty Ltd
    Phone +61 2 9004 1400
    Fax + 61 2 9004 1401
      Nova Legal & Advisory Pty Ltd recognizes that Risk Management is a journey which evolves as specific organisational needs and capabilities mature and has created a series of tools and processes through which Risk Management Programs can rapidly be developed in line with the needs of individual businesses. Nova's Risk Management Services include: • Workshops designed to develop understanding of the risk management process amongst members of the governing body and senior management. • Facilitation of risk identification processes. • Development of risk management checklists. • Development of the parameters to be utilised within an individual client's risk analysis process. (ie tailored definitions for use in the likelihood / consequence matrix). • Facilitation of the development of risk treatment plans. • Production of tailored risk management manuals designed to be used to train staff and promote a risk management culture within an organisation. • Conduct of risk management system maintenance and reviews. To ensure that a client's risk management system is not left on the shelf Nova have, in collaboration with their technology partners LAWLEX and KomodoCMS, developed the suite of Novation online management tools that bring risk management alive in your organisation. For more details visit the Novation website
  • Phang Legal
    Phone 02 9687 8885
    Fax 02 9687 8883
      Phang Legal is a Parramatta law firm providing legal services, including services of a notary public and migration agent.
  • Planwise Pty Ltd
    Phone 02 9999 6212
    Fax 02 9999 6312
      Planwise: Licensed to conduct Security and Risk Assessments, to provide Business and Management Consultancy and provide legal advice (lawyers)
  • Reprorisk Pty Ltd
    Phone +27824663157
      Reprorisk is a specialist risk management service provider. We provide training for risk methodology, incident investigation and risk reviewing. In addition, we are the designers and developers of Infinity ERMS, our pride software solution for Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Risk Wizard
    Phone (03) 9602 4200
    Fax (03) 9602 2818
      We provide a range of products and services that support ERM Frameworks. Our locally based team of experts can help you with a solution that best serves your business.
  • Rosendorff Lawyers
    Phone 1300 760 614
    Fax 03 8320 2905
      Rosendorff Lawyers, is a Melbourne Law Firm whose understanding of the use of technology in product life cycles and in the marketing of products and services has been of benefit to many of our clients.
  • SAI Global
    Phone +61 2 8206 6060
      SAI Global provides Standards, Regulatory, GRC management, and other business improvement solutions to help you comply with the requirements that shape your business world. Our Training and Education, (both face-to-face and online) helps you understand, implement and manage business systems and process solutions in areas such as Information Security, Ethics, AML, Six Sigma, Quality, Environment, Trade Practices and Food
  • Schatz Forensic
    Phone +611300364101
    Fax +61733011843
      Schatz Forensic is a forensic technology firm specialising in solving complex computer evidence related problems. Our expertise in computer forensics, electronic disclosure & discovery and internet security incident response enables our clients to employ otherwise hidden evidence in digital devices ranging from mobile phones to computers; to assure that evidence produced in disputes is reliable; and to turn complex computer related evidence into simply explained, independent, and credible testimony. Schatz Forensic is led by an internationally recognised leader in the field of digital forensics, Dr. Bradley Schatz. He is the only practitioner in Australia who holds a Doctorate in Digital Forensics. Dr. Schatz has provided forensic expertise to companies, solicitors, barristers, and individuals, as a trusted resource in matters ranging from fabricated documents to theft of intellectual property, online defamation to recovery of destroyed information, workplace fraud to cyber crime investigations; and all other matters related to digital evidence.
  • Tonkin Corporation
    Phone 02 92224 6055
    Fax 02 92224 6066
  • TPR Systems
    Phone 02 9894 8200
      TPR Systems design and manufacture Portable and Desktop Digital Verifiable Recording Systems to suit the operational and technical requirements of Police, Law Enforcement agencies, Judiciary, State and Government Department for conducting indisputable records of interview.