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  • Acumen Alliance - A member of the Oakton Group
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      Our expertise and experience as a provider of a wide range of independent, objective governance and internal audit consulting services can help you add value and improve your organisation's operations. With many Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Information Systems Auditors, MICDs and Chartered Accountants on staff, we can augment your Internal Audit operations, provide peer reviews, conduct complex risk management assignments, and advise boards. We offer the following services: Audits * Compliance Audit * Performance Audit * IT Audit * Probity Audit * Risk Management * Business Continuity Management * Disaster Recovery Planning * Integrity and Ethics IT Security & Testing * IT Security * IT Testing * SNARE
  • Acxiom
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      At Acxiom we make information intelligent. As the global leader in customer information management, we transform data into actionable business insight ¯ and we do it better than anyone else. Acxiom’s enterprise information solutions help the world’s largest and most successful companies increase revenue, reduce cost, improve profit, and manage and lower risk. Our industry-centric lines of business include: Data, Data Services, Customer Data Integration and Customer Information Solutions.
  • AIM Screening Group
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      With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and London, the AIM Screening Group of Companies is an independent, privately held international organization focused exclusively on Background Screening. Our vision is to be recognized as the firm of first choice on all matters relating to the design, deployment and management of background screening programs. For more information on how AIM Screening can assist you, please contact us.
  • Alchemetric Solutions
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      Offers consulting services to financial institutions. Focusing primarily on compliance, loan administration, operations, anti-money laundering and providing specialized support to senior management and Boards of Directors.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Consultancy
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      A consultancy service offering expert advice on the development and maintenance of your Compliance Programme.
  • Apis Consulting Group
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      Integrity, honesty and service excellence Apis Consulting Group is a provider of specialist professional services. Working closely with our clients, we are able to deliver the best outcomes from expected or unexpected change in the workplace. Our highly experienced team can define problems and provide timely and pragmatic solutions. We can then back it up by delivering business change, if required. Through our consulting and contracting services we have the people, the skills and the experience to achieve true ‘prosperity of change’. We have a solid track record in public and commercial organisations, nationally and internationally. Working with you to improve your organisation’s capability We understand what it takes for you to design, deliver and sustain high quality systems and services. It involves more than just getting technology right – it’s about the right policy and processes, the right people, the right tools and, most critically, the right balance. Service Offerings Apis specialises in delivering services across the following complementary service lines: · Management and Implementation · Procurement, Tendering and Contracting · Human Capital · Communication and Media · Strategy, Risk and Crisis · Event Management · Apis Contracting Capabilities We believe that true change within an organisation can only occur when all capabilities are considered: · people · systems · policies and procedures · structures · tools Identifying the appropriate balance is the challenge – we can help you with that. People Our focus is on getting you the best people for the job. We use an integrated employee/contractor model to ensure you have the widest choice of high quality personnel through the most appropriate engagement model. Our people are supported by a strong corporate knowledge base and quality assurance framework. We are vendor independent – we don’t develop and sell products, nor do we have commercial relationships with vendors. This means we offer you completely independent, unbiased advice, underpinned by industry ‘better practice’. Apis has the solutions to assist you achieve long-lasting change. We are proud to offer you our Integrated Delivery Model to help get the balance right.
  • Association of Certified Fraud
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      The ACFE is the world's premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with more than 40,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud world-wide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.
  • Audit & Fraud Software Pty Ltd
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      Audit & Fraud Software provides data analysis technology, professional support and training to help organisations access, analyse and share data. As the sole Australian distributor of CaseWare IDEA - Data Analysis Software, we help our customers maximize the powerful functionality and rich features IDEA offers by providing technical support and training sessions. IDEA is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to help accountants and auditors extend their auditing and analytical capabilities, detect fraud and meet documentation standards. It allows you to quickly import, join, analyse, sample and extract data from almost any source, including reports printed to a file. We offer on-line product demonstrations and sample CDs, which enable you to test drive a fully functional version of IDEA on data files with up to 1,000 records.
  • Baker and McKenzie
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      Baker & McKenzie is a full service, global law firm with a leading domestic practice in Australia. Established in Sydney in 1964, today the Firm represents major Australian and multinational clients investing, doing business or protecting their rights in Australia, the region and around the world.Our 85 partners and more than 260 legal staff in Sydney and Melbourne work seamlessly with their global colleagues – collectively providing a capacity of more than 3,600 lawyers in 70 locations across 38 countries. Baker and McKenzie has been named International Law Firm of the Year and the leading law firm in four regions, including Asia, by PLC Which Lawyer? As Asia Law Firm of the Year for the fourth consecutive year, we were cited for our breadth of expertise and service in the region, and our score surpassed our rivals’ by a sizable margin. Baker and McKenzie has a strong anti-money and counter-terrorism regulatory compliance capability. For assistance with all of your AML requirements, please contact Marie Sullivan on + 61 2 8922 5345, Stephen Watts on +61 2 8922 5175, Georgie Farrant on +61 2 8922 5601 and Emma Hunter on +61 2 8922 5744.
  • CompliSpace
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      CompliSpace provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of corporate governance programs which are designed by industry experts and updated on a regular basis. Our AML/CTF module is our latest product offering integrating effectively with existing Risk Management, Compliance, Human Resources and Training and Testing modules. The CompliSpace AML/CTF module covers Part A and Part B programs with detailed procedures to assist clients meet their employee due diligence, training and KYC obligations. CompliSpace is an ideal solution for small to medium enterprises.
  • Deloitte Forensic
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      Deloitte Forensic has over 15 years’ experience in providing anti-money laundering (AML) solutions to public and private organisations across Australia, throughout the Asia Pacific region and in the global arena. With unique insights into AML risk management and related cultural issues, we specialise in finding practical operational solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of tailored AML and counter-terrorism financing services to suit the individual needs of our clients. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further
  • Divas Offshore Software Technologies
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      Divas Software’s EWCRM(Enterprise Wide Compliance And Risk Management Framework)compliance product team has architected, designed, developed, implemented and supported a ready to roll out KYC & AML application. The application incorporates end-user centric combined functionalities of filtering, profiling, rules and link analysis. The application could either be integrated to your core solutions for online transaction monitoring or sit beside your existing applications and in an offline mode for batch processing of financial transactional data.
  • Dow Jones & Company
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      Protect your organisation from risk by knowing your customers. Protect your organisation with Dow Jones Watchlist. Doing business with the wrong person just once can result in steep financial penalties for your organisation and legal proceedings against key executives. The ensuing scandal can cause irreparable damage to your corporate reputation. Used by eight of the ten largest, global financial institutions, Dow Jones Watchlist is proven to be the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date list of senior PEPs, their relatives and close associates. Additional comprehensive coverage of national and international sanction lists, and persons convicted of, or linked to, high profile crime, allows our customers to minimise the risk of taking on the wrong customer and comply effectively with anti-money laundering regulation.
  • Ernst & Young
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      Ernst & Young has drawn together a globally experienced anti-money laundering team in Australia to assist clients in achieving compliance with the AML/CTF Act. We have already worked with a wide range of key market players in retail banking, corporate banking, superannuation, investment management, and gaming, as well as being selected by the regulator, AUSTRAC, to work on two key strategic engagements. Our team includes experts from the FATF, intelligence agencies, regulators, financial services firms, and trade bodies to ensure that our solutions are reasonable and reflect the needs of both regulator and regulated. Our team's experience on projects to date have included impact assessments, gap analyses of current controls, design of risk based approaches, staff training, sanctions and PEP issues, and senior management engagement. Our ability to draw upon the Ernst & Young global network of AML experts cements our ability to assist your firm in whichever aspect of AML/CTF you require help with.
  • FCS OnLine
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      Helping your business know your customers FCS OnLine is a wholly owned Australian company specialising in providing consumer and business information services to the private and government sectors. Since 2002, we have partnered with organisations including financial service providers, telcos, collections agencies, global corporates, small businesses, government departments and more. From the latest in electronic verification (EV) techniques for anti money laundering (AML) to Customer Contact solutions, we can help keep you in line with regulations, such as the Financial Transaction Reporting Act (FTRA) and the Counter Terrorism Financing Bill 2006 (CTF), and assist you in maximising the value of your customer database. We aggregate a wide range of accurate, up-to-date and cross-referenced consumer and business data and transform this data into intelligent information solutions that can help your organisation: Speed up customer identification, approvals and identity checking Minimise risk by increasing your customer knowledge Maximise the likelihood of locating lost customers by keeping your information current Receive automatic notification of new contact information Increase the quality of your contact database to maximise every marketing dollar Recover debts through sophisticated collections and skip-tracing tools When you choose FCS OnLine, you gain more than just access to millions of up-to-date records and a range of sophisticated tools; you gain an information partner with the experience and expertise needed to help you get to know your customer .
  • Financial Crime Analytics
    Phone +1 415 503 9268
      Financial Crime Analytics empowers financial institutions and other organisations to manage their risk of financial crime, through leading risk intelligence, identification and profiling solutions. We provide intelligent solutions that maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) that our clients expect from their investments in financial crime systems, processes and people.
  • Financial Crime Check
    Phone 03 8677 2458
      Financial Crime Check is a leading financial crimes risk intelligence and typologies subscription service. Using proprietary technology and the expertise of a team of financial crime analysts, we source a wide variety of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and internal fraud trends and vulnerabiities data to provide the most current and relevant risk intelligence and typologies for financial institutions proactively managing their risk of financial crime.
  • First Advantage
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      Employee Due Diligence First Advantage Australasia Pty Ltd (First Advantage) is the largest provider of background screening services in Australasia having combined the expertise, technology and service strengths of Refsure Worldwide, Australian Background and New Zealand Background. By adding the regional and international experience, skills, products and reach of the First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FADV), we offer an unparalleled level and range of technology products and services on a local, regional and global arena. With First Advantage, you get the facts first so you can make more timely and confident business decisions every day.
  • Grant Thornton
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      It is a criminal offence for any entity or person covered under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Legislation to knowingly facilitate, or fail to report any money laundering or terrorist financing transaction. Our team of specialists including certified Anti-Money Laundering (AML) specialists, can assist you in complying with today's regulatory requirements. We provide independent, external compliance reviews. We also provide training and consulting. Our team understands the AML/CTFL requirements and can assist you to lead your relationship with AUSTRAC. Our team has worked on projects including the following: • Investigations of proceeds of crime, including tracing of funds and net worth analysis. • Policy and procedure development at both the industry/association level and for individual organisations. • Developed tailored typologies for training of suspicious transactions. • Compliance review for both internal and external reporting. • Design and gap analysis of compliance programs. • Identification of specific alarm triggers for electronic monitoring and reporting. • Report directly to audit committees on results of enquiries/procedures.
  • Holley Nethercote Commercial Lawyers
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      Holley Nethercote Commercial Lawyers is a practice which focuses primarily on the corporate and financial services sectors. The firm is complemented by a separate training practice, Compact – Compliance & Corporate Training. Clients include banks, life companies, dealer groups, financial planners, manufacturers and franchisors.
  • IBM Global Business Services
    Phone 1800 557 343
      We help clients implement financial controls and process and technology improvements to support initiatives around Basel II, IAS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and othe regulatory requirements and guidelines. We help clients: Identify, assess, manage and optimise material business risks across the enterprise; design and implement process and technology improvements to manage and optimise cash and financial risk across the enterprise; re-use assets to reduce cost through the use of risk management framework, tools and templates. We have deep local and global experience with both large and small enterprises and can provide many references.
  • International Financial Systems Australia Pty Ltd
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      MLTrac On Line a web based system developed for the Australian market by, International Financial Systems Australia Pty Ltd ( ) to provide the necessary tools and experience to help business stay on top of the challenging Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF ) regulatory requirements. The cornerstone of the AML/CTF legislation is "Know Your Customer". To be effective this has to be more than just checking and managing customer documentation. It needs to be expanded to include the ability to identify any unusual account activity that may be indicative of money laundering, understand the risk profile of each client, identify the source of funds; checking and re-checking of customers against available sanctions lists. MLTrac On Line is a modular suite of tools dedicated to managing the customer identification process , tracking and regulating potentially suspicious or illegal activities in the areas of AML/CTF. Features:  KYC – Document Compliance.  Scanning of documents  Storing of KYC Documentation.  KYC Compliance Exceptions.  Table of acceptable documents.  Storing of other documentation. MLTrac also has the following modules: Watch list Checking Accounts Monitoring Payment Message Verification
  • KordaMentha Forensic
    Phone 02 8257 3040
      Risk Assessments Gap Analysis Programme Design and Implementation Staff training Compliance
  • KPMG
    Phone 03 9288 5877
      KPMG Australia has a dedicated anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing team (AML/CTF) in place with extensive experience in working with local and international organisations on AML/CTF projects. KPMG Australia is part of our global AML/CTF service team led from four regional centres in London, New York, Dubai and Sydney. The global AML/CTF team meets regularly to share better practices and industry trends, as well as to continue to develop our global methodologies and tools. KPMG’s extensive AML/CTF capabilities and global experience includes: - conducting AML/CTF risk assessments of products, services, channels, customers and geographies; - performing business gap and impact analysis against regulatory requirements; - assessing global financial services companies in all aspects of AML/CTF compliance; - design and development of AML/CTF compliance programs; - providing support and assistance in selecting and customising AML/CTF transaction monitoring systems; - carrying out due diligence on customers, employees, suppliers and potential acquisitions; - designing and delivering AML/CTF training programs; - conducting remediation review of customers and transactions; - conducting investigations related to allegations of money laundering brought by regulatory and law enforcement agencies. For further information about the AML/CTF services offered by KPMG, please contact us.
  • LexisNexis
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      The innovative new LexisNexis Know Your Customer application enables you to quickly check high risk individuals and entities against global databases of news, company filings, biographies, international sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) lists to assist with proof of identity and reveal associated interests. LexisNexis is the leading provider of Australian and international news, business and legal information products and solutions. LexisNexis delivers the right information at the right time to enable clients to work smarter, more efficiently and make informed decisions that achieve better business outcomes. We are a division of Reed Elsevier, one of the world’s leading publishers and information providers with a strong suite of globally recognised brands. At LexisNexis, our future lies in the development of innovative information partnerships. This is achieved through close relationships with our customers, authors, suppliers and the application of our skills and technology to develop information solutions. Our product range includes both local and international academic and practitioner books, looseleaf and CD subscriptions, newsletters, magazines, journals and a substantial family of online services. We seek to offer you unprecedented levels of service. Whether you interact with LexisNexis sales consultants, trainers, editors, help line or customer relations staff, we are all committed to ensuring your experience in dealing with us is as helpful, enjoyable and productive as possible.
  • NetEconomy
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      NetEconomy is the leading provider of financial crime management and compliance solutions. With over 130 implementations across 58 countries, NetEconomy has an exceptional track record for developing and delivering highly effective and easily deployable solutions for anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and market surveillance. NetEconomy brings business value to its worldwide client base through its personalized customer approach for minimizing regulatory risk, delivering measurable results, and protecting corporate brand/reputation
  • NGX Solutions
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      NGX Case Manager is the first commercially available Enterprise Case Management software that is built with state-of-the-art and innovative technologies such as “Smart Forms” and ”intelligent Agent” Technology. It was developed from the ground up, especially to meet the regulatory needs for AML, Risk and Fraud compliance. NGX Case Manager, now in its third major release, is regarded by many as the most advanced case management product available worldwide. Major financial institutions are already experiencing significant financial and operational advantages by investing in NGX Case Manager. For example, a major NGX Case Manager client has recently reported a 25-30% improvement in staff workload productivity with significant time reduction in cases being completed. With the implementation of NGX Case Manager, organizationS can experience major benefits such as: • Increased ratio of successful prosecutions • Completeness of information when closing cases • Reduced time and cost for processing cases • Reduction in costs from ease of use and automated data acquisition • Greater productivity by replacing mundane and time consuming manual activities/tasks with an automated intelligent agent environment. • Protection of investment by being able to rapidly adopt additional compliance scenarios when regulations change • Greater visibility of workload, bottlenecks and multi-department reporting to allow re allocation of cases • Greater regulatory compliance and reduced risk of litigation, such as with the ability to investigate “hidden relationships” The NGX Solutions global customer list is growing rapidly as governments worldwide are insisting that financial and other bodies implement more comprehensive transaction auditing and reporting processes in order to curb the spread of criminal activity. NGX Solutions is committed to developing and supporting the best Case Management Solution in the world. NGX can integrate with “Best of Breed” AML, Fraud and Risk technology designed to detect suspicious activities, allowing management of cases at an Enterprise level, so that hidden relationships can be identified, and corporate or cross “line of business” compliance can be assured, ultimately reducing the risk and exposure to an organisations reputation
  • Norton Rose
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      Deacons - Our anti-money laundering team comprises multi-disciplinary practitioners and industry specialists who have a depth of knowledge of the types of money laundering activities confronting organisations today. They are experienced in developing anti-money laundering compliance systems, reviewing operational policies and procedures and establishing training programs both in Australia and throughout Asia. Our team members are well placed to advise organisations preparing for the transition under the ATM/CFT reforms. Money laundering and terrorism financing have obvious cross-border implications. Deacons has an Asia Pacific AML network through our long established Asia Pacific operations, giving us the largest legal presence of any Australian law firm in the region. Please contact Alison Deitz, Partner, tel. +61 2 9330 8413,, if you would like more information on how the proposed legislative reforms in this area may affect your business. Shortcut to:
  • OneVue Limited
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      OneVue Limited is a leading provider of web enabled, technology based, low cost enterprise-wide software solutions to institutions, superannuation funds, dealer groups, accountants and financial planners. OneVues AML Explorer helps you comply with AUSTRACs AML requirements and provides ongoing customer due diligence (OCDD) for defined sanction lists, suspect countries, KYC verification, and Large transactions monitoring. OneVue AML Explorer is available via web access, as an installed application or as a standalone product that can be integrated with most financial administration systems. For more information visit our website at or call 02 8022 7400.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
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    Fax (02) 8266 9999
  • Protiviti
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      Protiviti is a global organisation and leader in independent risk consulting and internal audit services. We provide international services for established and emerging companies to help them independently identify measure and manage risk. Protiviti provides a wide variety of consultative services designed to assist organisations in all aspects of AML compliance.
  • RISQ Group Pty Ltd
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      RISQ is a global firm specialising in Investigations and Forensics, Business Intelligence, Crisis & Security Management and Risk Consulting & Technology. RISQ is admired for its high level of professionalism and client service; our commitment to achieving successful resolutions to problems; and our loyalty to our clients and their people. As a competitor, RISQ is measured by our value for money; the seniority and experience of our management team and key staff; and our reputation in the global crisis and security management marketplace. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements further.
  • Safe Banking Systems
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      Founded in 1998, Safe Banking Systems delivers comprehensive solutions to the financial services industry, addressing key AML & Compliance issues. SBS innovative SAFE Advanced Solutions and SAFE Exposure Index combine a manageable process for list management and watch-list filtering with a defendable strategy for risk ranking PEPs and other high risk entities.
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      SAFETRAC provides high quality innovative online compliance training, testing and reporting services. It is flexible and easy to customise and implement. Our solutions include legal and policy compliance, risk management, compliance audit services and knowledge testing. The system provides comprehensive business reporting tools including the ability to schedule tasks and automatically generate email reminders on the testing activities and results. There are currently over 65,000 employees, in more than 120 organisations, using SAFETRAC in Australia and Internationally. SAFETRAC Pty Limited is a subsidiary of MinterEllison Lawyers.
  • Salt Online Legal Compliance Training
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      salt™ Enterprise Online Legal Compliance Training salt™ Enterprise is an innovative, award-winning, online legal compliance training system developed by the Blake Dawson, one of Australia's premier law firms and an acknowledged international leader in the use of technology. Through a series of easy-access training courses, salt™ Enterprise ensures that members of your organisation understand their legal obligations in the workplace as well as keeping them up-to-date with recent changes in law - all in one complete, user-friendly package that can be tailored to your individual needs. Learn more about how salt™ Enterprise can help your organisation implement an effective compliance program. For more information about salt Enterprise, contact Andrew Adlam on +61 3 9676 3853 or or Julian Fenwick on +61 2 9258 6382 or email
  • Satori Group
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      Satori specialise in fraud detection, prevention and continuous controls monitoring. Our solution runs 7 x 24 as a managed service in your data centre and it provides closed loop monitoring. Satori are the Australian distributors of ACL and Symsure, implemented at thousands of companies globally and hundreds in Australia.
  • Shane Longman ltd
    Phone 02 9251 6641
      Shane Longman is a boutique financial software and services company that provides specialist Anti-Money laundering business and technology advice. Our Sovereign Compliance Desktop application provides comprehensive support for the key requirements defined in Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. We are delivery oriented with focused industry expertise, combined with a powerful blend of management, application and infrastructure consulting skills.
  • shivrudra services
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    Fax 0091-20-27234445
  • The Anti Money Laundering Network
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    Fax 03 2078 9151
      Consultancy, Strategies, Training, elearning, World Money Laundering Report (monthly), World Money Laundering Report Online (daily news and resources), Financial Crime Forum, The Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals, client and staff profiling software
  • World-Check
    Phone + 44 (0)20 7647 8500
      World-Check provides its global database of heightened-risk individuals and businesses to more than 3,000 institutions in 162 countries, including 47 of the worlds 50 largest banks and hundreds of government agencies.